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Grade Appeal Process

When a student has an academic dispute with a faculty member over a grade, there are procedures that exist to resolve the complaint in the most satisfactory way for both the student and faculty member. For more information, contact the Associate Vice President of Academic Programs at 606-783-2003. Download the Course Grade Grievance Form.

Policy: Grounds for filing an academic (grade) appeal include:
  1. Alleged prejudice on the part of the instructor which impacts the student's final course grade.
  2. Alleged failure to follow the final grading procedure established in the course syllabus that impacts student's final course grade.
  3. Alleged erroneous application of established grading procedures on individual assignments that impacts student's final course grade.
  4. A significant departure from the instructor’s, department’s, program’s, college’s or university announced standards as stated in the course that impacts student's final course grade.
  5. Alleged inconsistencies with University or program policy that results in program dismissal or alleged arbitrary application of evaluation/performance standards that results in

It is recommended the student remain in the course and continue to complete all assignments until a final decision has been rendered.

For the purpose of this procedure:
  • "Days" means academic/working days, not calendar days.  Dates of classes not being in session will not count toward the time line.
  • "Semester" means fall and spring semester. Summer sessions are not considered in the time line.

This policy requires several steps to complete the process. 
Step 1:  The student should discuss any complaint with the person involved. If the complaint is not resolved at the instructor level, or if the student feels it is not practical to contact the instructor, the student may present the complaint to the chair of the department to which the instructor is assigned. 

The deadline for a student to take the complaint to the faculty member is the 10th day of the beginning of the following semester. If the student is not enrolled the subsequent semester, a letter of inquiry should be mailed to the instructor and the instructor's department chair within the 10th day beginning of the following semester. 
Step 2:  The instructor must respond in writing to the student within 5 days of the initial contact concerning the complaint.
Step 3:  Upon receipt of an unacceptable response from the instructor or the instructor does not respond within 5 days, the student has 10 days to file a formal academic grievance (grade appeal). 

The student will be required to complete a Course Grade Grievance Form. Paper copies can be obtained in the Associate Vice President, Office of Academic Affairs. The completed Course Grade Grievance Form, and any supporting documentation, should be submitted to the instructor’s department chair.

Step 4:  Upon receipt of the completed Course Grade Grievance form, the department chair will:

  1. Request a written response from the instructor addressing the issues raised by the student and 
  2. Schedule a meeting within 5 days after the official paperwork is filed in the department chair’s office.

The instructor, the student filing the grievance, the department chair, and the dean of the responsible college will be in attendance. The student may have his or her academic advisor or a faculty member of the student’s choice present. 

It will be the purpose of the department chair and the respective college dean to review the grievance and attempt to mediate a settlement. The department chair and the college dean’s recommended solution is to be considered by both the faculty member and the student as a recommendation and not as a decision that is binding. 

Within 5 days after this meeting, records of the meeting, including all documentation submitted by the student and the recommendation by the department chair and college dean, will be sent to the Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs/ Academic Programs and to the parties present at the meeting.

Step 5:  If the final outcome is not acceptable to the student, the student may appeal to the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee. The student must petition a hearing before this committee within 5 days following the meeting with the instructor, college dean, and department chair. Requests are to be in writing and made to the Associate  Vice President, Academic Affairs/Academic Programs. Requests for appeal may be submitted by:

  1. Email from the student’s official MSU email address to Requests submitted from any other email address will not be accepted. 
  2. Paper requests may be submitted to the Associate Provost, Academic Affairs/ Academic Programs office.

Step 6:  Upon receipt of the student’s petition for a hearing, the Associate Provost, Academic Affairs/ Academic Programs will submit the records of all action to date to the Chair of the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee.

Step 7:  Within 10 days following the student’s notification of the request for appeal, the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee will meet and review the data and previous recommendations.

  1. The committee may request additional information and/or the parties involved to appear before the committee. 
  2. The Academic Standards and Appeals Committee decision will be sent to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, with a copy being sent as a matter of record to the Associate Vice President Academic Affairs/Academic Programs, student, faculty, member, department chair, and the faculty member’s college dean.

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for enforcing the committee’s decision. The committee’s decision is final.

It is understood that anyone may appeal to the President of the University when due process has been violated or when individual rights are disregarded.

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