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Fleet Copiers


Document Services is responsible for providing and maintaining the fleet Canon multifunction copiers and printers on all Morehead State campuses. To keep service calls easy, we ask that all key operators utilize the existing technology support line, 606-783-HELP (4357), to request service, replenish toner, staples and paper, and to schedule user training.

On Campus Fleet Tech./Manager - Sean Johnson - Commonwealth Technology, Inc.


Updates for 2017

MSU has chosen Commonwealth Technology (CT) for the new fleet copier/printer contract across campus. After reviewing multiple vendor proposals and presentations, the committee felt that CT’s history with the University and access to Canon and associated technologies was the best fit at this time.

All current fleet Canon MFD’s and Kyocera printers will be replaced over the next several weeks with new state of the art Canon units. Some printer units have already been updated at specific locations. Sean Johnson and Joe Mitchell will be installing the new units and will contact the appropriate individuals to verify dates and access to the units. The larger Canon MFD units will take a significant amount of time and effort to update due to the number of units.


Printer Access

Printer access is also changing this year. For the past two years, many areas across campus have utilized the Uniflow solution with EagleCard access and secure print technology, providing valuable information and insight into the benefits and improvements of secure printer access. All locations will soon have Uniflow, providing secure print access everywhere on campus. There are multiple issues with department ID’s/copy codes. We have been asked multiple times by multiple areas for a more secure and user-friendly printing/copying solution. Uniflow adds security and accountability to printing and copying by requiring a single employee ID rather than codes that can be used by anyone if they gain access, which happens frequently. This transition will take some time and we will work very hard to cause minimal interruptions.

We know there are unique situations across campus that will need to be addressed as soon as possible. Our biggest concern is to give copy/print access as quickly as we can and address specific scenarios as we go. Training will be provided at the time of installation for ADS’s and/or fleet contacts. To request additional training please contact 3-HELP and select "training for a new fleet unit." CT will then contact you to schedule a time for the training.

Download the quick reference guide sheet to logging into the fleet unit and basic functions such as copy, secure print and scan to email.


Features of Uniflow

Security – tied to ID and not codes that can be used by anyone who knows and has had access to them. Only the employee who is logged into a PC and secure prints can access the print job using their ID.


Secure print – Secure print with Uniflow will be the default setup for all new MFD units when installed. This will provide the quickest setup and access for printing and copying for everyone due to the timeline of the install. We know this will be a change from our experience with codes and will take time to adjust to but the benefits far outweigh any negative impact. We will work with your department to establish specific setups for multiple cost centers and/or grants. Print jobs are not released until the employee is at the unit to release the print(s). Jobs will held in the queue for up to 24 hours which means you can retrieve it on your schedule, not the unit's. This addresses one of the biggest issues: confidential material and academic areas of prints laying on the units for long periods of time or being picked up and seen by other individuals and/or not found at all. This has been a major concern for administration and academic areas.


Multiple cost centers and/or grants – within Uniflow, your default cost center will be what is listed within AD and Colleague. If you have multiple cost centers, you may choose which cost center, by name, to charge the copies/prints to. A current location using Uniflow has seven cost centers and can be programmed so that different employees have access to different cost centers. No need to remember up to seven codes, just pick the cost center by name. If you have one cost center, all prints will charge to that cost center. No need to choose. Please have your Academic Dept. Specialist or Fleet Contact within your area to contact us via email if you require access to more than one dept. cost center or grant that you use for copy/print. provide your name, MSU ID#, cost center name, Colleague account number, and if you currently have a code for that additional grant, the code used and the location.


Follow me print/copy – If the unit you normally use is not available or has malfunctioned, you can access your secure print job or copy at any fleet MFD - down the hall, on the next floor or even across campus. This is great for time sensitive tests and/or handouts for students. Follow me print/copy is meant to be a convenience and used when needed. Departments supplying their own paper may continue to do so, however if you feel that others are using your local MFD more often and wish to go back to Document Services providing paper please let us know and we can make the adjustment.


Efficiency and sustainability – only print what you need. Send a secure print request and notice it needs to be changed or updated. Don’t print that print job, resubmit and only print the finished copy. No wasted clicks or paper.


MFD/Copier highjacking – Using the old system, if your session times out, any print job submitted by other users will immediately begin printing along with all others in the queue. This means that you will have to wait until that print job and any others finish before you will be able to complete your copying. Highjacking occurs all of the time, especially within high volume academic areas. This is not an issue with Uniflow.


Student Employees – Within Uniflow, copy/printing is limited to MSU employees and students cannot be assigned to a cost center at this time. For the areas currently on Uniflow we have provided a Uniflow Copy/Scan card that students/non employees can use to make copies and access the MFD to scan. We know this will impact some processes but will save costs. The Academic Department Specialist and/or the fleet contact for the unit will need to email Document Services to request a Uniflow Copy/Scan card. Provide the Department and/or Cost Center name and department location. You will be contacted once the card has been produced and in Uniflow.


EagleCard ID’s – All current employees who require a replacement ID may do so during this time without cost. This includes old ID’s, damaged, lost, and updated. Just come to the EagleCard Office in Allie Young, room 31 and we will update your photo and print you a new ID.


Departmental Assessments and Training

Training will be provided at the time of installation for ADS’s and/or fleet contacts. To request additional training please contact 3-HELP and select "training for new fleet unit." CT will contact you to schedule a time for the training.

Each department on campus may still have a document management assessment conducted within each of their areas. The assessment will be conducted by Commonwealth Technology (CT) and will inventory all printers, multi-function devices, fax machines and scanners in each unit. Second, CT will develop a more efficient and cost effective fleet solution that will show departments how to produce needed printed material in a more cost effective way. This document management solution will also include information on what types of jobs should be submitted to the Document Center for production. It is common for departments to surplus some existing equipment to effectively participate within the fleet solution on campus. We have decreased the number of non fleet units by the hundreds over the last several years but there are still a number of units in certain locations. To schedule an assessment please contact Doug Snedgar, Craig Turner or call 3-HELP to submit the request.

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    150 University Blvd., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Admissions
    121 E. Second St., Morehead, KY 40351
  • MSU at Ashland
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  • MSU at Mt. Sterling
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  • MSU at Prestonsburg
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