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Film Studies
MSU's film studies minor, is an interdisciplinary program of study designed to give you a theoretical, as well as, practical knowledge of film. It recognizes the importance of film literacy in the digital age and offers you critical skills needed to productively engage with the mass-mediated world of the 21st century. 


This is not a degree program - it is a minor, but it complements a variety of degrees in the humanities.

Program Requirements

You must meet MSU admission requirements.

Film Studies Course Rotation

The course overview below lists what classes are required and what classes can be taken as electives. It also lists when the classes will be offered.  

Core courses: 12 hours     
FLM 170 Introduction to Film (every semester) 
FLM 270 Film History (spring even years)  
FLM 470 Film Theory (spring odd years)    
CVM 140 Field Production Practices (every semester)

Electives: 9 hours
CVM 320 Feature and Documentary Writing (no pre-req if taken as part of the minor) (fall)
CVM 481 Documentary Production (no pre-req if taken as part of the minor) (fall) 
CVM 483 Animation Production (no pre-req if taken as part of the minor) (TBD)
CVM 485 Narrative Video Production (no pre-req if taken as part of the minor) (spring)
ENG 470 Introduction to Film Literature (TBD) 
FLM 399 Special Topics (may be taken more than once for credit if topic varies) (TBD) 
FRN 404 Seminar in French Literature (must be focused on film) (no pre-req if taken as part of the minor) (TBD)  
SPA 309 Explorations in Hispanic Film Analysis (no pre-req if taken as part of the minor) (TBD) 
THEA 284 Acting Techniques (every semester)

For further information contact the Coordinator/Advisor of Film Studies Jeffrey Hill at 783-9383 or    

For a complete list of program requirements visit the undergraduate catalog website.

Career Opportunities

Students who minor in film have the opportunity to transform their interest into rewarding careers in filmmaking, broadcasting, journalism, or education.

MSU's Career Services offers career planning, interview and resume preparation assistance, internship placement, and services to help you find a job after you graduate.

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