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French Minor

French is spoken on five continents, and as a second language everywhere. Minor curriculum teaches the language, literature, cinema and civilization of France in depth, and introduces the culture of the Francophone world. Through the study of French, you will develop an awareness of areas of thought and action different from your own. In addition to rigorous training in the French language and culture, MSU provides students access to several exciting overseas study opportunities.

A French minor is a good complement to a degree in business, humanities, and arts administration, and it is a definite asset on the job market. A background in French opens up many opportunities in all sorts of careers, and is especially useful for government work, international business, translating and interpreting, teaching and tourism.



  • FRN 101 - Beginning French I (3 credit hrs.)
  • FRN 102 - Beginning French II (3 credit hrs.)
  • FRN 201 - Intermediate French (3 credit hrs.)
  • FRN 202 - Conversation and Composition (3 credit hrs.)
  • FRN 301 - Advanced Grammar and Composition (3 credit hrs.)
  • Choose six hours of French courses above FRN 202 (6 credit hrs.)


For a complete list of minor requirements and additional course information, viewthe undergraduate catalog.


Placement Examinations

We strongly recommend that you take a placement examination in French if you have studied the language previously and intend to continue your French studies at MSU. The placement test is available online and takes no more than 30 minutes to complete [username: morehead user, password: eagles1 (ALL LOWER CASE)]. You will automatically receive your score immediately after completing the test and must bring the results to the department chair. We will recommend placement on the basis of this score. For more information, contact the department chair, Dr. Tom Williams at 606-783-9448 or It is strongly recommended that French be taken freshman year and without interruption.

Note: Those who begin in a more advanced class will have the opportunity to earn credit by examination for the classes they do not need to take.

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