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Collegiate Certification

We receive a number of inquiries from students who are interested in completing 18 hours of graduate coursework in English so that they can become eligible to teach at the collegiate-level. Students admitted into the program may complete the required 18 hours with MSU, but those who do not meet our program’s admission standards are only eligible to complete 12 hours in the discipline eligibility open to any unclassified graduate student. Listed below are some essential points that should help students understand how the program may be able to help them meet their professional goals.

The 18-hour requirement is a SACS accreditation standard.

For more on the specific requirement, please see the SACS guidelines on Faculty Credentials.

The 18 hours themselves are not fixed by SACS (or MSU).

Any requirements for specific classes within the 18 hours would come from the hiring institution. If students are concerned that specific coursework may be required, they should contact the institutions where they would like to teach and inquire about any institution-specific rules and regulations.

There is no “certification” for the 18 hours.

Students who complete their 18 hours at MSU will not receive a “certificate” of this accomplishment because this requirement does not correlate with any degree program at the school. They will, though, have a transcript that documents the 18 hours of graduate-level credit.

Students at MSU cannot complete 18 hours in one discipline without being officially admitted to that discipline’s graduate program.

 Any student who wishes to complete all 18 hours of graduate-level coursework in English at MSU must be officially admitted to the program. This means that students must meet the full admission requirements (the equivalent of a major or minor in English, a 3.0 GPA in undergraduate English coursework, and a score of 146V and 140Q on the GRE) even if they do not desire to complete the program and gain an MA in English at MSU.

Students can complete their 18 hours at more than one school.

 Any student who wishes to take online graduate courses at MSU, but is neither willing nor able to meet the admission standards to the MA in English, may apply as an “unclassified” student and take up to 12 hours in English. The remaining hours may then be taken at another accredited school. 

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