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MA in English FAQ

All students who apply to a graduate program at MSU follow the same procedure. Because the online MA is only a different delivery option, not a distinct program in and of itself, students do not have to specify “online MA” on their application form. All they need to do is apply to the MA in English program. Once they are admitted to the program, they will take all of their coursework online.
No. "On demand" is just the catch-all term for any course that does not neatly fit into a standard two-year rotation. Because many of our courses are on a 2.5 or 3 year rotation, we designate them as "on demand." Although we frequently recalibrate our course offerings by analyzing previous enrollment patterns and student requests, we do not have the staffing and resources necessary to meet individual students' requests for courses.
No. Open enrollment refers to the fact that there are no deadlines for application for graduate study. Acceptance to the program, though, does not necessarily equal open positions in upcoming classes. Our online offerings often fill up in the first days of advanced registration, so any student who is admitted after those dates (dates which can be found within the “Class Schedule” on the Registrar’s site) must either place his/her name on a waitlist and hope for the best or plan to attend the following semester. 

Although some students express concern that they cannot walk into a class the moment they have been admitted, they soon come to realize that the flexibility of our “open” program more than makes up for any initial inconvenience. Instead of micro-managing enrollment by forcing all prospective students to apply at a set time before pre-registration and requiring existing students to sign up for a prescribed number of hours each term to work their way through the program, we just let students know that they may encounter some registration difficulties their initial semester and encourage them to utilize early registration every subsequent term they choose to take classes.
The admission requirements for the online degree are the same as those for the traditional degree. In order to be unconditionally admitted to the program, students must have: (a) general admission to graduate study, (b) an undergraduate major or minor in English, (c) a minimum GPA of 3.0 on all undergraduate English courses above a freshman level, (d) an accumulated (or a total of) 12 credits of upper-division English and American literature courses completed prior to admission, and (e) a minimum score of 146 on the verbal section and 140 on the quantitative section of the GRE. 
Requisite GRE scores: Students may be admitted conditionally to the MA in English program if they have not yet taken the GRE. Students who are conditionally admitted may take up to 12 hours of courses until they are able to meet the GRE requirement. Conditionally admitted students should take the GRE as soon as possible and not wait until the end of the 12 hours to do so. Please note that the completion of 12 hours of course work as a conditionally admitted student does not guarantee full admission to the program. 

A major/minor in English: Students whose undergraduate transcripts do not contain a major or minor in English, but whose undergraduate transcripts reflect course work that parallels the Morehead State undergraduate minor in English, may be admitted. 

Students who lack the basic coursework in English required for admission may take the undergraduate classes needed to give them the equivalent of a minor in English. These classes should be taken prior to application for admission. 

A 3.0 in upper-division English classes: Students who do not maintain a 3.0 in upper-division classes will not be admitted to the program.
The English department currently offers more than 20 courses that enable a student to fulfill all of the program requirements for the MA completely online. Although the vast majority of our students are part-time, a “virtual” full-time student could complete the entire program within a two-year period. For more on available courses, please see the Course Rotation.
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