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Canadian Studies
The Canadian studies minor begins with the introductory course, Perspectives on Canada, then focuses on advanced courses in Canadian history, government, and economic and social policies from comparative and international perspectives, and concludes with a summer internship in the Canadian Parliament.


This is not a degree program - it is a minor, but it complements a variety of degrees in the humanities.

Program Requirements

Students must meet MSU's admission requirements.

Core Requirements

International Studies Required Courses: 13 credit hours

  • IST 101: Introduction to International Studies
  • IST 301: International Studies Study Abroad
  • IST 401: Senior Seminar 
  • FRN 101: Beginning French I
  • FRN 102: Beginning French II

Note: Canadian-related studies may include IST 301 for a two week period of study in Canada and IST 401 for a Canada - related seminar subject in comparative and international perspective.     

Canadian Studies Required Course: 3 credit hours

  • IST 330: Perspectives on Canada

Canadian Studies Electives: 3-6 credit hours 

(Students will take 6 hours if they do not take IST 430.)

  • IST 231: Geography of the United States and Canada 
  • IST 331: History of Canada 
  • IST 332: First Nations of Canada
  • IST 333: Government and Politics of Britain and Canada 
  • IST 334: Comparative Constitutional Law and Politics
  • IST 335: Political Economy and Environmental Policy in Canada
  • IST 336: Politics of the North American Auto Industry
  • IST 339: Selected Topics in Canadian Studies
  • Study in Canada Elective: 3 hours
  • IST 430: Canadian Parliament Internship Program

Total: 22 hours

For more information, contact Dr. William Green at To access a complete list of program requirements and additional course information, visit the undergraduate catalog website.

Career Opportunities

The Canadian studies minor in combination with a government major provides an entry to a career in international law and politics.

MSU's Career Services offers career planning, interview and resume preparation assistance, internship placement, and services to help you find a job after you graduate.

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