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Political Science (Government)

The government program at Morehead State gives you the chance to learn about political ideas, institutions, foreign relations, policies and political law. You will gain analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as a deep understanding of the American political process. You'll have the chance to work with faculty members on a range of research projects, and will have access to numerous internship and study abroad opportunities.

Government or political science is the study of human beings living together in order to pursue the good life and happiness. This includes the study of human nature, the philosophical foundations of political life, constitutional orders, institutional arrangements, political development, electoral politics, and public policy. Government spans the five major subfields of political science: political philosophy, American politics, public law, comparative politics, and international relations. As a result, the study of government includes not only the United States but also people and political systems around the world.

Students who wish to work in high-level managerial careers in public service may continue to pursue a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.). MSU offers students the ability to begin working on their M.P.A. during their senior year through the Early Graduate School program.

Regional Analysis Scholars Program

The Regional Analysis Scholars Program provides scholarship awards to students who have demonstrated scholastic excellence. Awards range from $1,000 to $6,000 and are based on your ACT composite score and grade point average. Specific information on criteria, levels of support, and renewal criteria are published in MSU's Scholarships and Awards. Contact  Dr. James Masterson at

For more information about financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 606-783-2011, or call toll-free at 1-800-585-6781.


Government major with Regional Analysis and Public Policy Track

Regional analysis and public policy (RAPP) examines real world issues that affect peoples' social, economic, and political lives. The RAPP option brings students and faculty together with citizens, local and regional leaders, and policymakers to develop research projects and action plans addressing problems that challenge the region in order to promote sustainable community and economic development. The RAPP option integrates teaching, applied research and public service to address issues that significantly affect Eastern Kentucky, Appalachia, and rural America in general.

You will develop research skills, work on real-world problems with faculty and public leaders, gain valuable internship experience, and ultimately become prepared for careers in public service. You will gain knowledge and skills in regional analysis, community development and policy making.

Regional Analysis and Public Policy Minor

The RAPP minor, provides students with opportunities to develop research skills, work on real world problems with faculty and public leaders, gain valuable internship experience, and ultimately become prepared for careers in public service.

Government Minor

A minor in government complements a variety of majors including sociology, psychology and more.

Program Requirements

Career Opportunities

A government degree will prepare you for a career in law, government service, and the non-profit sector. For more information about careers in government, visit

MSU's Career Services  offers career planning, interview and resume preparation assistance, internship placement, and services to help you find a job after you graduate.

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