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Gender Studies Capstone

The student enrolling in WST 490 identifies a supervising professor for his/her capstone project.  This supervisor must be an approved Women's Studies faculty member.

For information on how to obtain Women's Studies faculty status, see the requirements under "Teaching Women's Studies."  It is possible for faculty interested in directing a capstone project to obtain temporary approval of Women's Studies faculty status by submitting a c.v. and a one-page statement describing his/her education, interest, and expertise in feminist research, teaching, and/or activism.

The student seeking credit for WST 490 submits a description of at least 500 words in length of his/her project to the supervisor for approval.

Within the first five weeks of class,the student submits the name of the supervisor and the supervisor-approved project description the the Director of Women's Studies.  In the summer, the student must meet this requirement by the end of Week 1.

The student submits his/her completed research/creative/activist project to his/her supervisor no later than the week of pre-registration for the next semester.  In the summer, the project must be submitted tot he supervisor no later than the Wednesday before the final week of the term.

By Friday of week 14, the student electronically submits the following materials to the Director of Women's Studies.  In the summer, all the following materials must be submitted by Wednesday of the final week:

  • A cover sheet
  • A letter of reflection at least 500 words in length explaining what the experience of being a WST minor has taught him/her; 
  • The completed research/creative/activist project;
  • The grade for the research/creative/activist project as recommended by the supervisor (have supervisors email Director Ann Andaloro at

If the director disagrees with this grade, a further member of the IWSPAC will assess the project independently.  This member will be selected based on his/her familiarity with the discipline and focus of the student's project.
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