Performance is obviously an essential element of any program of performing arts study. The Morehead State University School of Music, Theatre & Dance hosts over 200 solo, chamber, and large ensemble performances annually by students, faculty, and guest artists as well as a full season of theatre and dance productions.

Not only of educational value, these performances also serve to enrich the cultural life of the campus and community. Our faculty and students often extend their artistic reach beyond the local community through arts performances around the Commonwealth, the United States and the world.

Gaining Experience

The performances of students also serve an educational purpose. Large ensemble concerts, in addition to being artistic performances, also represent a culmination of skills and techniques that are continuously developed through teaching activities in the various ensemble classes within the School of Music. Solo recitals by students also represent the culmination of their studies on their principal instruments. Since the principal instrument serves as a means for integrating the various music academics into a product of overall knowledge and musicianship, the student solo recital also serves as the capstone course for the various music degree programs. 

For the music faculty, their performances are not only artistic endeavors and cultural highlights for the campus and community, the preparation and performance serve as professional development and as a process for staying current in their profession. Performance is also a way to serve as a role model and mentor for their students. 

Theatre and dance productions offer students the opportunity to take part in all aspects of production design, preparation and performance.  This work is intertwined with the theatre and dance curriculum. 

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