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As a Morehead State University (MSU) faculty/staff member, you can participate in many regional engagement opportunities in our 22 county service region. MSU has identified four regional need areas – community building, economic/entrepreneurial development, education, and health and wellness. The opportunities to contribute your time, talent, and treasure are limitless. 

As an expert in your respective area, your willingness to collaborate with external agencies in our service region can be an invaluable resource. More and more granting agencies are looking for those institutions that are developing creative solutions to collaborate and resolve the complex problems that confront us, particularly in eastern Kentucky.

Regional Engagement Grant Program

The purpose of the Regional Engagement Grant is to promote research, applied research and creative activities within the academic community to MSU’s service region. Match Grant Awards are allocated to research that addresses an identified regional need (i.e. community building, economic/entrepreneurial development, education and/or health and wellness). The CRE's highest funding priority is for junior faculty and librarians to help establish their research programs, and for senior faculty and librarians who have maintained productive research programs and have continually sought external funding in their research. For more information, contact Dr. J Marshall at 606-783-9327.


Engagement Publications

The CRE has worked with the Camden-Carroll Library to identify and subscribe to engagement publications to assist faculty in their publication efforts. This is not an exhaustive list and may not include those journals in your academic discipline. For more information regarding engagement journals, contact Dr. J Marshall, at 606-783-9327.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Volunteer Center at the Center for Regional Engagement strives to identify volunteer opportunities throughout MSU's 22 county service region. For more information about MSUCaREs, contact Melisa Patrick at 606-783-9327.

Hourly Service Log

The Hourly Service Log helps your students and MSU track what they are doing related to service experiences. Please encourage your students to regularly log their service experience so that the CRE can provide them with a co-curricular transcript at your convenience.

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  • MSU at Ashland
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  • MSU at West Liberty
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