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About the Eagle Card

The EagleCard ID is your official MSU photo identification card.  Your 7-digit student ID number is an integral part of the card and is printed in a shaded box on the card. You will need your EagleCard when visiting the University's Camden-Carroll Library, cashiers window, Student Health Services, the Recreation and Wellness Center, the University Bookstore, Laughlin Health Building and at any University sponsored function such as athletic events, concerts and theatre productions. 


How do I get my EagleCard?

All students, faculty and staff are required to have an EagleCard ID. Your first EagleCard ID is absolutely free!  Current students, faculty and staff must visit the EagleCard Office to have a photo taken. Be sure to bring a current photo identification such as a driver's license or passport for your EagleCard to be processed. Your EagleCard will be ready in minutes.  If you are a new student participating in a mass-orientation, such as SOAR, SOAR staff will provide a time and place to pick up your EagleCard.


Where is the EagleCard Office?

The EagleCard Office is located in Allie Young Hall, room 31. We are open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  


Is there a charge for my first card?
No. Your first card is free. 
How much is a new card?
Lost/stolen card replacement is $20. Replacement of a damaged card (with damaged card presented at time of purchase) is $10. These prices are for students, faculty and staff.
​​What are some of the features associated with the EagleCard and it's functions?
New in the fall of 2005 was the Residence Hall Door Access. New for fall 2006 was the "EagleCard ONLINE" secure web site. New for fall 2008 was, "Online Vending" and the contactless technology. All students and employees were recarded during the summer of 2008 during the implementation of the new HID iClass contactless tap-n-go system.
What do I do if I lose my EagleCard?
Notify the EagleCard Office ASAP so that a hold can be placed on your meal/dining account. Starting with the Fall '06 term, students can set up an account on "EagleCard ONLINE". From this site students will be able to put a hold on their lost/stolen EagleCard 24/7. As added protection against theft, a student will need to bring their found ID to the EagleCard Office for reactivation. This will stop anyone else from using it. Also contact U.S.Bank if your ID has been linked as an ATM card to your Eagle Checking Account. Look on line on the EagleCard News page to see if your ID number is listed. If it is listed your ID has been turned in to the EagleCard Office and can be picked up. 

Residence Hall Access
To keep MSU a secure campus, the main entrance doors on all Residence Halls feature card access utilizing the magnetic stripe on the EagleCard ID.  All students will now access their assigned Residence Hall using their EagleCard ID. This function is programmed and managed by the  Office of Housing.  All replacement cards must be activated by the Office of Housing after they are printed.  For more information please contact  Housing at 606-783-2060.

Be sure to always carry your EagleCard where ever you go on campus because it is the photo identification that is accepted campus wide.  Never loan your EagleCard to anyone else.  It is non-transferable and only you may use your card.  If you knowingly let someone else use it, the card can be confiscated and both individuals are subject to disciplinary action.  Whether you are a resident or commuter student, Faculty or Staff, your EagleCard is the key to campus living.


Food Services Information
The EagleCard ID can be used at all dining service locations on campus, including P.O.D. in Alumni Tower, Starbucks and Camden-Carroll Cafe. Funds for the University’s food service plans are online and are accessed by the contactless flyBUY portion of the EagleCard. Dining Services at Morehead State University offers many options to suit the many needs of all University students. Requirements for both the meal plans and dining club accounts are dependent on student status, on-campus housing, age and marital status. BeakerBUCKS are also accepted at dining service locations. Flex Dollars come with your meal plan and can ONLY be used in all on-campus Dining locations (6% discount). Flex Dollars are a supplement to your Meal Plan. Flex Dollars that come with your meal plan carry over from the Fall to the Spring semester as long as you purchase another meal plan for the Spring. THE FLEX BALANCE TO BE CARRIED FORWARD WILL BE ADDED WITHIN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS FEBRUARY IN THE SPRING SEMESTER.


Tips to Protect your EagleCard ID

Your MSU EagleCard ID has value so it is important to take care of it properly. Below is a list of suggestions to help prevent damage and to keep it safe.


  • Bend, mark, or punch holes anywhere on your card.
  • Scratch the stripe on the card.
  • Store your EagleCard near magnets or magnetized surfaces.
  • Tamper with the contactless chip or antennae.
  • Leave your card laying on your food service tray, table, computer terminal or washer/dryer.
  • Store your pin number with your EagleCard.
  • Let anyone else use your card for any reason.


  • Treat your ID as you would your debit card or driver’s license.
  • Be aware of where your EagleCard is at all times. I.e. wallet, purse, card reader etc.
  • Keep your EagleCard in the protective Handbook which came with your ID or use a lanyard or key chain card holder.
  • Notify the EagleCard office ASAP that you have misplaced your ID.

Remember, there is a fee for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards.

If you find an EagleCard ID, Please turn it in to the  EagleCard office in Allie Young, room 31 as soon as possible.


BeakerBUCKS is the all-in-one declining balance debit account that is accepted at all on-campus dining locations, University Bookstore, vending, lab printers, copiers and more. It saves you 6% every time you use it in any of the Dining Services locations.

BeakerBUCKs (on-campus purchases)

The EagleCard ID can be used to make purchases at the following on campus locations utilizing the new BeakerBUCKs account.  If you do not have your EagleCard with you or if your card is inactive, you will be required to pay cash.

University Bookstore

Use the EagleCard to purchase books, supplies, clothing, even candy.  The cost of the items purchased is deducted from your Express Club balance at the time of purchase.

Cashiers Window

Located in Howell-McDowell, the Cashiers Window can now accepts BeakerBUCKs to make a payment on your account or pay for any miscellaneous fees or fines. Cash withdrawals are no longer allowed from the new BeakerBUCKs account.

EagleCard Office

You can use your BeakerBUCKs to pay for lost, stolen and damaged cards.

Document Center

Room 14, Allie Young, now accepts BeakerBUCKs for quick-print items (black & white and color).  Just call 606-783-2032 for more details.

Concessions and Vending

All campus vending machines accept BeakerBUCKs as well as cash.  To use BeakerBUCKs, tap your EagleCard at the flyBUY card reader and make your selection.  The funds are deducted from your BeakerBUCKs balance. You may also check your balance at these locations. Your remaining BeakerBUCKS balance is displayed on the card reader prior to and after each purchase. 

For problems or service contact Concessions at 606-783-2560.

Copiers (Canon)

Available across campus, Student Convenience Copiers accept BeakerBUCKs. There is a card reader located near each machine.

For service call contact Document Services at 606-783-4357 or 606-783-COPY.


Computer lab printers also operate by using BeakerBUCKs and are managed by Document Services.  They are set up in the same manner as the copiers by reducing funds for each print made.  These printers are located in the following locations:  Camden-Carroll Library, Combs, Lappin Hall, Rader Hall, Lloyd-Cassity, Allie Young, Ginger Hall, Claypool-Young Art Building, Breckinridge Hall, Baird Music Hall, Reed Hall, and the Cartmell Residence Hall. 

For service call:  606-783-4357 (for both Kyocera and HP units)

Camden Carroll Library Services

An EagleCard is required to use several Camden Carroll Library Services:

  • Borrowing Library Materials 
  • Making Copies 
  • Printing From Research Databases 

An Add Value Station is conveniently located in the Camden Carroll Library next to the circulation desk to allow you to add BeakerBUCKs to your EagleCard.


Who is allowed to have and use BeakerBUCKs?
All students are allowed to participate in this optional account. Required students, freshman and sophomores, can have this in addition to their required meal/dining options. 



Departmental Access and Copy Cards

The departmental access card is a pre-paid debit account and was designed to make on-campus purchasing easier and less time consuming for departments and their personnel.  The departmental copy card is a prepaid debit account which is now accessed online via the EagleCard flyBUY contactless technology.  These cards will only be accepted at on-campus reader enabled copiers and printers. Funds deposited to onto these cards are required to be paid out of the department's 5105800 convenience copier account.

In an effort to better utilize the Universities document management system, departments will be encouraged to acquire departmental codes to be entered into copier units through the Department of Document Services.   Information regarding the copier coding program can be obtained from Doug Snedegar at 783-2701.  For more information regarding departmental copy cards please contact the EagleCard Office at 606-783-2701.


How to Apply for a Replacement or New Departmental Access Card

Only department heads or managers can authorize the issuance of Departmental Access Cards.  A NEW Departmental Access Card Authorization Form must be filled out and turned in to the EagleCard Office before a new card or replacement card can be issued.  Multiple cards can be issued to one department, but it is advised to keep them at a minimum.  Each card will include the department's name, account number, the card holders photo and name.  All cards will continue to access the same Departmental Access account.

How do I add value to Departmental Access Card accounts?

You can now request deposits to your account by submitting a departmental access card deposit form via email. Entry in all shaded customer fields is required.  The form must be submitted by the authorized card account supervisors email listed on the departmental access card authorization form.  A reply will be sent by email when the deposit has been processed.



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