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  • College of Business & Public Affairs

    • Accounting

      Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Accounting track
      The accounting program is designed to help students meet academic requirements for taking the CPA and other professional accounting exams. Kentucky Accountancy law requires 150 college credit hours for those taking the Uniform Certified Public Accountant examination.

    • Art History Minor

      The minor in Art History is a 21-credit hour program designed to strengthen the non-art major's knowledge of visual arts and architecture across time, from the local to the global.

    • Business Administration- Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Track

      Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Small Business and Entrepreneurship track
      The Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship concentration is an applied study of small business ownership and management, of the entrepreneur as an agent of innovation, and of entrepreneurship as an organization/management process.

    • Business Studies

      Associate of Applied Business (AAB) - Area in Business Studies 

    • Business and Information Technology Education

      Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - BITE track
      The Business and Information Technology Education program is designed for those students who are seeking certification to teach business, computer, and marketing courses in Grades 5-12 in Kentucky. By completing this program, students are earning the Kentucky Business and Marketing Education teacher certification.

    • Canadian Studies Minor

      The International Studies Minor in Canadian Studies begins with Perspectives on Canada, an introductory team taught course, then focuses on advanced courses in Canadian history, government, and economic and social policies from comparative and international perspectives, and concludes with a summer internship in the Canadian Parliament.

    • Computer Information Systems

      Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Computer Information Systems track
      The computer information systems program prepares students with the organizational and technical abilities needed for professional information systems positions in contemporary organizations. Students learn to assess business needs and develop appropriate solutions using various computer platforms.  

    • Economics

      Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Economics track
      Through the BBA Option in Economics, students gain a basic understanding of market structures and processes and develop an ability to analyze economic problems. Economics is the study of how we make decisions, particularly how we choose among competing demands for our scarce resources.

    • Finance

      Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Finance option
      Finance deals with how individuals and businesses make decisions with regard to spending and investment in an environment with scarce economic resources. The finance program at Morehead State University offers a curriculum designed to prepare students to meet these challenges by helping them acquire knowledge of fundamental finance concepts and develop sound analytical and decision-making skills.

    • General Business

      Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - General Business track

    • Government

      The government major provide students with the opportunity to study political ideas, institutions, and policies. The government faculty offer courses in political thought, American national, state, and local government and public law, public administration, public policy, political science, comparative government, and international relations. National government internships and seminars are available. Located in IRAPP and the School of Public Affairs.

    • Government Minor

      The Government minor includes courses on political theory, public policy, political science, American national, state and local government, comparative governments and politics, and international politics. Located in IRAPP and the School of Public Affairs.

    • Government, Master of Arts

      The Master of Arts in Government provides comprehensive field knowledge in the core subfields of political science as defined by the American Political Science Association: American government, political theory, public law, international relations and comparative politics. This graduate program provides a solid foundation for those aspiring to doctoral study in political science or for employment in government or politics. Located in IRAPP and the School of Public Affairs.

    • Government, Regional Analysis and Public Policy Emphasis

      Enhance your major with courses which will help you understand the culture, government, public policy, political science, and the  physical environment of the unique Appalachian Region that Morehead State University serves. Located in IRAPP and the School of Public Affairs.

    • Graduate Business Certificate Programs

      Health Systems Leadership Certificate
      Health Systems Management (HSM) Certificate

    • Management

      Management track, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

      Management track, International Management, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

      Management track, Health Care Management, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

      Graduates of this program are equipped with the tools and techniques that will enable them to assume staff, supervisory, executive, or administrative positions in business, industry, government, and other institutions. Students in the management option follow a program designed broad in scope and aimed at developing the student's grasp of administration and organizational principles.

    • Management Information Systems, Master of Science - Online Program

      The College of Business & Public Affairs offers a completely online Master of Science in Management Information Systems degree program. The Master of Science in Management Information Systems provides an interdisciplinary approach to preparing graduates with an expertise in management information systems.

    • Marketing

      Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Marketing track
      Through the BBA Option in Marketing, students gain a basic understanding of market structures and processes and develop an ability to analyze and deal with marketing problems. The BBA with an option in marketing is designed to prepare students for professional positions in a variety of fields including advertising and promotion, sales, retail management, market research, international marketing, and the marketing of services.

    • Master of Business Administration, Online Program

      Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program
      Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program - Health Systems Management Track
      The MBA online program at MSU requires students to complete 24 core (required) hours and six hours of free electives and is open to anyone with a bachelor’s degree. Electives are offered in areas of accounting, finance, computer information systems, human resource management, general management and marketing. There is also a specialty track in health systems management that’s become increasingly popular. 

    • Public Administration, Master of Arts (MPA)

      The Master of Public Administration degree is a professional course of study for individuals pursuing careers in government, public service, public policy, political science, education, and nonprofit organizations. Located in IRAPP and the School of Public Affairs.

    • Public Policy

      The public policy major provides students with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to understand and affect public policy making in the United States, both domestic and foreign. As they earn their bachelor's degree, students will acquire the skills to study a wide range of policy areas together with an understanding of the policy making process and the inter-dependencies of local, state, and federal governments in the development and implementation of policy. Students will be prepared for professional careers in any policy area in the public, non-profit, and private sectors as well as for graduate study in all areas of public policy and political science. This is a practical, applied degree that is well-suited to providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to help their communities and region move forward and prosper. Located in IRAPP and the School of Public Affairs.

    • Sport Management

      Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Sport Management track
      The Sport Management program prepares students with the skills to plan, organize, and direct sport programs, events, and facilities. As only one of two programs in Kentucky that has been approved by National Association for Sport and Physical Education/North American Society for Sport Management (NASPE/NASSM).

    • Sport Management, Master of Arts

      Master of Arts in Sport Management
      The program is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop and demonstrate the expertise and research skills which are necessary to enable them to make independent professional contributions in sport management. 

    • Visual Communication Minor

      A Visual Communication Minor will prepare students for the 21st century through exposure to emerging technologies and resulting computer competencies.

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