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  • Related Academic Programs for Art (19)

    • Music, Area of concentration in Music Performance with a Voice Track, Bachelor of Music

      The Bachelor of Music program is designed for exceptional, musically advanced students who are planning careers in music as performers and/or private teachers. It does not meet certification requirements for public school teaching.

    • Music, Area of concentration in Music Performance with a Woodwind-Brasswind Track, Bachelor of Music

      The Bachelor of Music program is designed for exceptional, musically advanced students who are planning careers in music as performers and/or private teachers. It does not meet certification requirements for public school teaching.

    • Music, Master of Music, Area of Concentration in Music Education-MM

      Music, Master of Arts with an emphasis in Music Education option provides a curriculum that offers both accessibility and flexibility. Several of the courses for this degree are offered online with future online courses under development.

    • Music, Music (Traditional Music), Bachelor of Arts


      The Bachelor of Arts in Music - Traditional Music program is offered in conjunction with the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music.

    • Music, Music, Bachelor of Arts

      The Bachelor of Arts degree in music provides for the study of music within a liberal arts curriculum.

    • Philosophy- Religious Studies

      Philosophy and religious studies degree programs emphasize flexible, independent thinking. Students learn to analyze complex arguments by identifying assumptions in classical and contemporary debates and tracing the origins of those views back into the history of ideas. As a result, they learn to express themselves clearly and precisely in writing and speech.

    • Pre-law

      Although there is no pre-law program or recommended major, MSU does offer pre-law advising for students in any major to help them to make successful applications to law school.  Dr. Collinsworth and Dr. Murphy are MSU's pre-law advisors.

    • Public Relations and Event Planning Minor

      Students who pursue the Public Relations and Event Planning minor will learn how to write and produce public relations materials including: news releases, media kits and fundraising proposals.  Students will gain an understanding of different social media techniques and their application in public relations practices.

    • Social Media - Minor

      Students will learn how to utilize social media and e-marketing to engage customers and communicate brand and company value. Students will explore social media techniques and learn how to develop marketing and branding strategies in corporate, non-profit, entertainment and news sectors.

    • Social Science, Master of Arts

      The Master of Arts in Social Sciences provides an interdisciplinary approach to graduate work in social science. The program is designed with three groups of potential students in mind: service region social studies teachers pursuing a first or second Master’s degree; place-bound students who would like to pursue graduate study for career or personal reasons; and students who will attend law school or pursue doctoral study at other institutions.

    • Social Studies

      By combining courses in social studies fields and education, the Area of Concentration in Social Studies prepares students for teacher certification at the secondary level (grades 8 through 12) in at least four teaching fields.

    • Social Work

      Social work is a profession for those who find fulfillment and reward in making a difference in the everyday lives of individuals. Specifically, social workers help those in need of critical resources including: medical and mental health services, income maintenance, child welfare and protection, domestic violence intervention, and assistance for the elderly. Social work also offers the opportunity to improve the community and make it a better place to live. The bachelors of social work (BSW) prepares students as generalist practitioners for entry-level professional practice. 

    • Sociology

      Using a variety of scientific research methods, sociologists study how social categories (for example, race, socio-economic class, and gender, etc.), social institutions (the family, peers, media, etc.) and social conditions (wealth, poverty, oppression, etc.) influence the shared meanings, thoughts, behaviors, and actions of the individuals and groups that make up our society and vice versa.

    • Spanish Degree Options

      The Spanish program is ideal for students interested in the contemporary world. Spanish is spoken in over twenty countries around the world, and has become the second language of the United States. We provide rigorous training in the language and culture, supplemented by several exciting overseas study opportunities. You may have the opportunity to participate in research being conducted on classroom language acquisition as well as opportunities to engage in culture and language through Hispanic culture, history, literature and film both on campus and in the community.

    • Strategic Communication, Bachelor of Arts degree

      The Department of Communication, Media & Leadership Studies area in Strategic Communication prepares students for professional, business, and educational careers in public relations, promotions, event planning, social media content development, communication consultation, and leadership studies.

    • Theatre - Minor in Theatre

      The Minor in Theatre is for those students who wish to study in a major other than theatre but wish formal training in theatre.

    • Theatre Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA) Theatre Area of Concentration with Teaching Certification

      The Bachelor of Arts Theatre Teaching Area of Concentration degree program is for those students who wish to pursue a career of teaching theatre in the schools.  In addition to the degree, this program leads to certification and licensure.

    • Theatre Major - Bachelor of Arts in Theatre-Major (BA)

      Bachelor of Arts in Theatre degree program is designed to give students formal training in all aspects of theatre performance and production with an emphasis on extensive "hands on" experiences.

    • Women's Studies Program - Minor

      The Interdisciplinary Women's Studies Program provides a minor for Morehead State University undergraduates.  Students explore gender and issues related to gender within a wide range of disciplines such as literature, political science, communication, sociology, history, health and education.

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