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    • Biology

      The program in Biology is broad-based with many career options. The hallmark of the program is a core set of courses that all students must take, thus assuring uniformity in the basic fields of biology.  Students could choose a career in one of the following fields:  pharmacy, medicine, optometry, environmental science, physical therapy, chiropractic, dentistry, physician assistant, teaching, podiatry and other fields as qualified.

    • Biology - Master of Science

      Program Info Resources Careers Requirements Curriculum Map Contact Graduate students pursuing the Master of Science in Biology may elect to follow a thesis or a courses only, non-thesis route. For the thesis student, an advisory committee of at least three faculty members, versed in the student's s

    • Biology - Master of Science with Regional Analysis and Public Policy emphasis

      Program Info Resources Careers Requirements Fact Sheet Contact Program Competencies 1. All students are expected to demonstrate:      a. The mastery of course work considered fundamental to the training of a biologist. Required competencies may include the accumulation of knowledge in molecular bi

    • Biology Minor

      Program Info Degrees Careers Requirements Fact Sheet Contact The minor in biology is a good companion to other science-related degrees. It requires a biology core of 4 courses including biology, zoology, botany and genetics, as well as elective courses in biology and supplemental chemistry course w

    • Biology Teaching Area of Concentration

      The Biology Teaching Area of Concentration is very similar to the Biology Area, but education courses are added into the curriculum and the electives ensure broad knowledge so that the student is able to teach broadly within the discipline.

    • Biomedical Chemistry Area of Concentration


      The Biomedical Chemistry Area of Concentration is somewhat the mirror image of the Biomedical Sciences Area, except that it is for students interested in Chemistry. Chemistry students pursuing this degree will be prepared for health-professional school, a career in biomedical chemistry, or entry into graduate school in a biomedical chemistry area.

    • Biomedical Sciences Area of Concentration

      The biomedical sciences area of concentration was developed specifically for students intent on attending a health professional school, pursuing a career in biomedicine, or pursuing graduate education in biomedical disciplines. The courses are heavily weighted toward biomedical subjects.

    • Chemistry

      The Chemistry program is diverse, allowing students choices such as pursuing a degree in the health-care industry, working as an environmental chemist, or entering graduate school. The Chemistry Area Concentration possesses great depth and prepares students for a career in chemistry whereas the Chemistry Major usually prepare students for a field related to chemistry, such as pharmacy, optometry, medical or teaching.

    • Chemistry - Area of Concentration in Professional Chemistry

      The professional Chemistry Area is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in a chemistry laboratory, industrial, government or academic.

    • Chemistry Minor

      Program Info Degrees Careers Requirements Fact Sheet Contact The chemistry minor is a good supplement to a variety of science-related degree programs. It requires a combination of core chemistry classes and electives. Address: Dr. Herbert Hedgecock, advisor and asst. professor of chemistry 4

    • Chemistry Teaching Major

      The Chemistry Teaching Major is similar to the General Chemistry Major, except that education courses are added to the curriculum.

    • Environmental Chemistry Major

      The Environmental Chemistry Major was expressly designed for students that want to pursue careers in environmental chemistry immediately after graduation, or that want to go to graduate school in Environmental Chemistry.

    • General Chemistry Major

      General Chemistry Major is a broad degree in chemistry and is useful for many different career choices. Many students in the pre-health careers opt for this degree because they would like to have a Major/Minor rather than an Area degree. Students wanting to pursue a career in chemistry may also take this, though it does not have the same depth as the Professional Chemistry Area.

    • Integrated Science Minor

      The integrated science minor is a good supplement to a variety of science-related degree programs, including earth science, space science, biology and chemistry. 

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