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About Us

Our global community is in a time of accelerating interdependence of technology and modern life. Because of this we have a corresponding desire and need to understand technology systems and how they impact individuals and society. The department of Applied Engineering and Technology has a vision to satisfy that desire and need - to be an educational leader in engineering technology and industrial education, committed to the lifelong learning and professional needs of MSU constituents.

We engage our diverse Applied Engineering and Technology department in the study of technology to cultivate and expand student potential. Through collaborative efforts, we strive to develop professionals and leaders who are technically competent, innovative in problem solving, and skillful in management of personnel and facilities.

The goals of the AET department are:

  • To prepare exemplary problem solvers for professional leadership roles through academic and field-based experiences.
  • To provide and support an environment conducive to research and development and the dissemination of technological knowledge and innovation.
  • To provide professional development and service opportunities to meet society's every-changing technological needs.
  • To dynamically influence economic development within the university's service region.

We believe that our mission and goals will provide the guidance necessary for the curriculum, outreach, and growth initiative of the department. The AET department will continue to improve and grow in order to accomplish its primary mission of serving the citizens of the university's service region by developing competent industrial technologists that are the key to economic development and effective use of resources.


AET department Highlights

The Department of Applied Engineering and Technology engages in the diverse study of engineering technology to cultivate and expand student potential. In this effort the AET Department recognizes two students who serve as examples of this potential. In November 2012, AET student Matt Watson received the “Best ATMAE 2012 Conference Proceedings Paper”, won the ATMAE Graduate Student Research Competition, and was awarded the 2012 Kate and Cliff Strandberg Masters Student Scholarship. AET graduate Amariah (Belcher) Fultz was selected as the commencement speaker for the fall 2012 graduation ceremony.

A survey of recent AET graduates shows that:
80% have full-time employment
90% rate this program as good or excellent
40% promoted within 5 years of program completion
More than 70% received current position after graduation
Almost 100% agree/strongly agree professional competency is a result of AET programs
Average Graduate Salary - $55,000 within 5 years of graduation
More than 70% of Engineering Technology students graduate in 4.5 years

Stephen Glossner
Stephen Glossner is a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Applied Engineering and Technology. In December 2012, he earned his BS Degree in Engineering Technology with an option in Construction Management from Morehead State University. He is currently pursuing his MS degree in Engineering and Technology Management. Stephen is a member of the AGC and ABC student organizations at MSU. He is also an active alumnus of the Morehead State University Men’s collegiate bowling team.

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