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02/09/2016, 05:51 A.M. - MSU P-BURG ON 2 HR DELAY

Shaving the Pounds - Kevin

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Hello!  What an awesome day for working out!  I have been wanting to get to the Recreation and Wellness Center for some time, and today I finally made it.  If you have not been there to workout, you are missing something special.  I am so old, we used to lift rocks and trees as we walked up-hill (both ways) to school in 16 feet of snow (and we were happy to have that snow!).  So, when I entered the Recreation and Wellness Center, I was impressed with all of the fancy machines.  I think there is even one in there that will wash my car and do my homework at the same time.  But seriously, you are missing out if you are not using this facility for something.

So, I did a workout with Steelee' and Chynna, and they are in MUCH better shape than me, but I appreciate that they put up with an old, fat guy.  I am hooked!  I want to make this a part of my lunch hour several times a week if I can.  For those who are worried about me skipping lunch - trust me that will not happen.  After working out, I came back to the office and enjoyed a salad at my desk.

For your viewing pleasure (or discomfort), the following links are from my session today - enjoy! 



Welcome Back...

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Greetings!  Did you think that I had given up?  Be honest, you thought "hey the fat guy is filling himself with chocolate Twinkies as he prepares to shave his head"!  Sorry I have been out of the loop during Spring Break.  I can tell you that between March 18th and 20th, I had the best workout plan EVER!  I spent those days with some AMAZING students in Morgan and Menifee Counties helping storm victims.  In addition to a great way to burn calories while helping others, I had the chance to interact with students on an new level during those days.  I have always said I have found my dream job in the MSU Dean of Students position - the student volunteers during spring break helped solidify the truth in that statement! 

I also got to spend some time with my family.  I was able to exercise with Meg and went for a bike ride with Mac!  There is little that can compare to spending time with your family and trying to get healthier together!

I must admit that I was nervous going into Spring Break as breaks are the time when I tend to get a little lazy.  I tend to catch up on my sleep, have a few extra "snacks" and find it difficult to get motivated to workout.  Such was not the case this past week.  I did catch a fee extra Z's, and I probably ate a few too many calories, but I stuck to working out.  As a result, the scale greeted me this morning with a lovely 273.6.  This means I am down about 6 pounds since my last weigh-in.  I need to keep pushing hard as my past weigh loss efforts have always resulted in a plateau - which then resulted in me giving up.  That will NOT happen this time.  I am going to keep pushing and not let the plateau occur (or at least not get in my way).

I also need to get some time in at the RWC... my plan is to do some video blogging from there.  So stay tuned for MUCH MORE weight loss efforts...


The End of Day Four...

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Greetings to My Millions of Loyal Followers!

The day started out on a great note as I jumped on the scale for the first time since Monday and I found myself about 5 pounds lighter. I was pleased when the scale came back with 279.4.  That means I have found a calorie range that seems to be good (but I know it will need to change to keep losing) for me as I do not find myself starving throughout the day and my weight is going down.  Today presented me with a few challenges 1) I was heading out of the office for a workout at the Recreation Center (which had to be canceled due to a situation that needed my attention) and 2) I still need to find ways to lower my carbohydrate intake.  My breakfast and lunch (when I have a sandwich) selections need to improve.  Although my goal is obviously to lose weight (and save my hair!) I also want to change my eating habits to enhance my overall health.  Anyone have suggestions on cutting out the carbohydrates?

My other goal for this project is to spend more time in the Recreation Center.  It is such an incredible resource to our students and employees - we all need to use the facilities more, but I am at the top of that list.  Sadly, each time I have planned to workout in the Recreation Center, something has stood in my way.  Has anyone found a good system that allows them to stay on a regular workout plan/schedule?  I would like to hear your thoughts and perspectives.

I had a pretty good day with regard to my caloric intake (only the scale can confirm that statement):

Breakfast - A Serving of Raisin Bran Crunch (280 calories)

Lunch - A Ham Sandwich with Pineapple, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes (about 450 calories)

Snack - Granola (190 calories)

Dinner - Baked Chicken - with panko and cheese coating (about 300 calories), Spinach - with onions (about 50 calories), and Cauliflower (about 75 calories) - for a total of about 425 calories

Snack - Mixed Nuts (200 calories)

Total for the Day = 1545

Although I stayed well under my goal for the day, seeing this number makes it clear I ate a little too few calories.

More tomorrow...


Better Late Than Never - Day Three...

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Sorry for the late post - was a heck of a day!  I know several of you were on the edge of your chairs, couches, then beds saying "when is he going to post?"!  Sorry to keep you waiting!  Today was just one of those days where I did not have enough time to get on-line!  Today was also a challenge for me - I have to admit that I am an "emotional eater" (which I know is very bad!).  So with stress comes more eating for me.  Anyone else struggle with this and have some good advice?  I think I did pretty well, but not perfectly!  I tried to drink instead of eating throughout the day - worked somewhat, but I had a few too many snacks!

To end the evening, we had a great dinner at Cracker Barrel to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday!  It was a good "family night" and CB

is a place where I can be reasonable for dinner!

The summary of my day includes:

Breakfast: Raisin Bran Crunch (280)

Snack (2): Granola (380) - thanks stress!

Lunch: Salad in ADUC - Spinach, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms, Peas, Cabbage, Oranges, Pineapple, Turkey, and a tiny amount of oil and vinegar.  I am going to estimate 400 Calories.

Snack (1): Granola (190)

Dinner: Grilled Catfish (350),  Two Servings of Turnip Greens (100), Two Servings of Carrots (150) - estimated total for dinner 750 (added buffer in case I was off on my estimations)

Snack (1): Nuts and Granola (400 calories)

Estimated Total for the Day = 2400 calories

So, I was a little over my intake goal today!  I think the key for me is understanding the cause of adding the extra calories and trying to avoid making those decisions in the future!  What are your triggers?  What causes you to eat a few extra calories?  Knowing the answers is the key to solving the problems!

More tomorrow....


End of Day Two...

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Good Evening!

I had a great workout tonight.  I spent some time on the stationary bike and then did some arm curls and sit-up (have to work on the belly!).  The best part of the workout was that Meg was able to join me!  I recommend working out with a loved one - it makes the time pass more quickly.

So, the debate in my mind for tonight is how often I should weigh-in.  Daily or Weekly?  I like the thought of a little daily affirmation of my efforts!  However, if the scale moves in the wrong direction, it would be frustrating.  Which do you think I should pick?  I did not get on the scale today - I might tomorrow just to peek!  It might be a good idea to weigh-in twice a week.  Would be a nice balance between daily and weekly.

Now, I know you are going to think I am insane (if you think that, you might just be right!), by my dinner was almost the same as last night.  So, you might say - "Hey Fat Guy, are you going to try to do this by eating Turkey Sandwiches and Hamburgers?"  You might also say "Good Luck with that Dude!"  I can assure you, this will not be a series of duplicate messages.  Tonight was simply a product of running a little late and wanting to work out.  My schedule forces us to call an audible for dinner and we had left-overs (which were very good by the way!).  You will most likely see lots of Turkey Sandwiches on the lunch menu, but dinner will vary!

For dinner tonight I had a hamburger (350), cole slaw (150), mixed vegetables (300), and a pear (100) - I am estimating my dinner as 900.  That puts me at an estimated 1990 calories for the day - which is still under my goal for daily caloric intake!


Mid-Day Report from Day 2...

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Good Afternoon!

I want to thank Betty Jo, Madonna, and Steelee' for all of the support they are giving me throughout the day!  I appreciate the motivation I am receiving from them and others!

Day Two has been another good day!  Thanks to Shaun Burchett for the links to information about water consumption.  If you are interested in the subject, please take a look at or 

I am about the leave the office; however, I wanted to check-in with an afternoon calorie update.  For lunch, I stuck with the Turkey Sandwich from ADUC (I highly recommend it!  Not toasted and no dressings!).  On the sandwich I had tomatoes, pineapple, and mushrooms - I am going to stick with the 500 calorie estimate on it.  Later in the afternoon, I had a granola packet (190 calories) and a banana (120 calories - WOW, who knew bananas would hit the calorie count so hard?  Thought it was a good choice!).  Guess I am going to count the banana as a good source of Potassium so I get some good news from eating it!  

So, for the day I am at 1090.  I also have had 60 ounces of water (need to step that up tonight!).  So, I am going home for a work-out and then dinner.  Check my blog later to see how I did! 

Feel free to give me some interactive comments to make this more interesting! 

My Pre-Challenge Photo...

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Good Afternoon,


I have been reminded that we need a "Pre-Photo" so, this is how I looked at the beginning of the challenge (view at your own risk!)...



Fat Koett 

This is how I feel on many days!  We think it's a BOY!  Or it could be my picture for an infomercial!




This is my real "before" picture!



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