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Table Tent Program 

Student Activities wants to help you get on your way to planning your event. From small gatherings to social extravaganzas, we want to give your department, club, and/or non-profit organization the resources necessary to get your event underway. Remember that advertisements promoting the use of alcohol, or activities at a facility where alcohol will be served cannot be posted on campus. Additionally, any promotion advocating an activity which would be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct cannot be posted.

The Table Tent Program allows student groups to promote upcoming events by advertising on the tables in MSU food service areas. Please review the Table Tent Policy before proceeding.

 To get started:

  1. Reserve your space - Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance of the date you want advertising to begin. To make a reservation, call 783-2071. Without a reservation, there is no guarantee of space.
  2. Design your ad - The Office of Communications & Marketing (OCM) is a great resource for any design work your group may need. These services are offered to MSU students at no cost. You may begin the process by visiting the  OCM's Start Here page. OCM requests should be made four weeks in advance of the date you want advertising to begin. If you prefer to design the ad yourself, you must follow certain restrictions (templates):
    1. 6 inch x 4 inch (vertical orientation)
    2. single-sided
    3. black and white OR color
    4. Must include the full name of the organization or department (no abbreviations), contact name, and a phone number or email address.
  3. Print your ad - Document Services is available for printing on campus. While you are not required to use them, it is recommended, especially if you are utilizing the OCM's free design services. Regardless, the table tents must be printed on card stock. Ads printed on regular paper, or in a different size will not be accepted. Using the OCM's free design service and Document services for your printing streamlines the process, as these entities are already in communication. Moving your file from your computer to an external drive, and then from the external drive to a third party printing facility can cause formatting issues. Visit the Document Services site for pricing information. Format for printing:
    1. Up to 120 copies (decided when you place your reservation)
    2. 6 inch x 4 inch (vertical orientation)
    3. single-sided
    4. black and white OR color
    5. cardstock only
  4. Deliver your ad - Once printed, your ad must be delivered to the Student Activities Office (204 ADUC) by noon on the Thursday prior to the start of your reservation. This gives Student Activities time to place your ad on the tables.


The primary purpose of the table tents is to promote student life activities, Auxiliary Services, Aramark and other campus departments. In addition, space will be designated for recognized student organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. Lastly, the table tent program is available for non-profit or volunteer agencies seeking assistance from MSU staff/students only after all on-campus requests for space are met. As the table tent program is not intended to be a limited public form, no advertisements for for-profit ventures, political parties, advocacy groups (not officially related to a department or student organization) or business will be accepted and all MSU advertising guidelines/policies apply.


Reservations are taken by Student Activities, 783-2071 on a first-come, first-served basis. THERE IS NO GURANTEE SPACE WILL BE AVAILALBE. BEFORE YOU GET TENTS PRINTED, HAVE A SPACE RESERVATION. Space may be reserved starting August 1 for the fall and December 1 for the spring (if space is available) for distribution of the advertisement and promotional materials. At a minimum, reservations must be made two weeks prior to when the table tents will be displayed. Exceptions to this rule can be made by Student Activities if there is unallocated space available. Not every plastic three-extension will receive every publication, to allow for variety on the tables. 

Items may remain in the table tent displays for one week; however an event or other information can be advertised for a maximum of two weeks. Table tents will not be reused for cleanliness reasons. This means that those requesting a two week reservation must provide double the number of copies to fill the table tents. Freestanding table tents and other promotional materials are no longer allowed on tables and will be removed and discarded.

The priority for advertisements is: Auxiliary Services/Aramark advertisements, campus-sponsored events with a specific date, campus-sponsored general information advertisements, off-campus non-profit sponsored events with a specific date (i.e. blood drives), off-campus non-profit sponsored general information advertisements (i.e. “volunteer here” promotions).
Advertisements promoting the use of alcohol, or activities at a facility where alcohol will be served will not be accepted. Additionally, any promotion advocating an activity which would be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct will also not be accepted. Groups may be asked, when making a reservation or submitting table tents for an established reservation, if the function they are advertising will have alcohol at it, or be at a bar, and if so, the advertisement will be denied.

The director of Student Activities/Greek Life has final decision making authority related to this program.

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