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Sport Management, Master of Arts

Program Info
The program is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop and demonstrate the expertise and research skills which are necessary to enable them to make independent professional contributions in Sport Management.


Master of Arts in Sport Management
Sport Management

Amateur Athletics

Sport Management Related to:
  High School
Athletic Administration
Facilities Management
Public Relations
Hospitality Management
Bowls and Special Events


Facilities and Event Management

Facility/Field Maintenance
Ticket Sales and Seating Management
Event Planning and Management
Food Services and Concessions


Professional Teams and Leagues

Management of:
  Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf,
  Tennis, Racing, Motor Sports, Soccer, and
  Emerging Sports
Player Personnel
  Community Relations
Business Operations
Stadium Operations
Sport Information
Player Agency and Representation


Sport Merchandising

Product Development/Distribution
Sales and Marketing
Brand/Product Representation
Store Management
Internet Sales


Leisure and Fitness

Management and Administration
Facilities/Equipment Management
Travel Planning
Event Planning


Sport Media

Sport Information
Advertising Sales


Admission Requirements

1.General admission to graduate study.
2.Admission is determined by an admission index. The index is computed as follows: Index = (undergraduate GPA x 200) + GMAT score. The index must equal at least 900. A minimum GMAT score of 400 is required. The GRE equivalent score may be considered.
3.A minimum 2.5 GPA in a related undergraduate field is required.
4.Students may be conditionally admitted to the Sport Management program after the submission and review of all application materials. Conditionally admitted students may be required to successfully complete selected undergraduate prerequisites and/or maintain additional program conditions.
Requirements for the Degree

1.Satisfy general graduate degree requirements.
2.Fulfill stated program requirements.
3.Pass a written comprehensive examination over program required curriculum (must have a cumulative 3.0 or higher GPA and no "I" (incomplete) grades to sit for the exam).
4.Must have an cumulative exit GPA of 3.0 or above.
5.Must be unconditionally admitted to the Sport Management graduate program.
Dismissal from the Sport Management Program - Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students may not drop below a 3.0 GPA for more than one semester during the program. A student who falls below a 3.0 cumulative GPA for two semesters will be dismissed from the program. The graduate program coordinator, in coordination with the Associate Dean, will monitor student progress.

Program Requirements
Sem. Hrs.

SPMT 600 — Research Methods in Sport Management 
SPMT 605 — Planning and Designing Sport and Physical Activity Facilities 
SPMT 612 — Sport Governance 
SPMT 630 — Sport Marketing
SPMT 632 — Management and Administration of Sports Programs (or pre-approved *Graduate Business Elective) 
SPMT 635 — Legal Issues in Sports and Physical Activity 
SPMT 650 — Financing the Sport Enterprise 
SPMT 655 — Leadership and Ethics in Sport and Physical Activity 
SPMT 660 — Socio-Cultural Issues in Sport 
SPMT 661 — Sport Relations 
SPMT 671 — Sport Management Internship or
SPMT 672 — Research Project in Sport Management 
MNGT 665 — Organizational Behavior (or preapproved *Graduate Business Electives) 


*Preapproved Graduate Business Electives

MNGT 609 — International Management 
MNGT 612 — Organizational Theory 
MNGT 662 - Human Resource Development 
MNGT 664 - Employee Relations 
MNGT 667 - Women and Men in Management 

Student Competencies

1.The student will be able to understand people who engage in sports within their respective living environments, thus comprehending their interest and values for sports participation and/or their sport spectator interest.
2.The student will be able to manage plans, lead, and evaluate efforts in the advancement of an organization through the efforts of others.
3.Students will recognize and identify moral problems related to sports in its intrinsic and extrinsic dimensions and develop a personal philosophy regarding social responsibility in the sport management setting.
4.The student will be able to apply marketing concepts through utilization, application, and initiation of marketing research.
5.The student will be familiar with the financial management, planning and the budgetary components of the sports industry.
6.The student will be familiar with the legal concepts in those areas that they are most likely to encounter in the workplace.
7.The student will develop skills using methods for conducting quantitative and qualitative research in sport management that will be valuable in analyzing research data to predict future managerial strategies.
8.The graduate student will benefit greatly from culminating in-depth practical experiences before entering the sport industry. Even if the student has previous experience in sport management, an additional experience may expand the individual's network and enhance job placement.


In-class feedback from students will be utilized to improve the curriculum and program.
The on-site supervisor evaluation that is completed on all sport management graduate interns will be a valuable tool in assessing areas for improvement each semester.
A culminating exam will be administered at the end of the student's program to provide feedback on areas for improvement within the program and to demonstrate student achievement of the program goals and student learning outcomes.

Dr. Julia Ann Hypes
208A Bert T. Combs Building
Morehead, KY 40351

Primary Phone: 606.783.2176


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