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 Goal 1 - Academic Excellence 

How will we develop, deliver, and maintain superior academic programs?

1. We will develop and maintain a culture of excellence through:
  • Recruiting and retaining high achieving students who continue their academic and personal growth
  • Maintaining high quality programs by engaging in annual assessment and continuous improvement of academic courses and programs based on best practice
  • Effectively using professional examinations or appropriate proficiency exams to measure the recognized level of expected performance of students at the completion of their courses of study
  • Implementing quality assessment models for on-line courses and those that integrate technology as a significant portion of the delivery system
  • Providing a student educational experience that provides tangible evidence of scholarly achievement
  • Development of a process for courses/programs to be designated with a specific focus including diversity, international or global issues
  • Meeting the goals of the 2009 Senate Bill 1 education reform act to align K-12 and postsecondary education academic standards
  • Committing to the institution’s quality enhancement plan focusing on improvements in communication and critical thinking
  • Providing support for student and faculty participation in appropriate forms of scholarship, undergraduate and graduate research, and creative activities
  • Providing and encouraging opportunities for participation in honors program, internship programs, international and study abroad programs, field experiences, service learning and other active learning activities
  • Supporting co-curricular cultural and scholarly activities

 2. We will retain, recruit and develop high achieving faculty and staff through: 

  • Supporting and maintaining a culture of quality teaching and learning
  • Supporting faculty and staff participation in scholarship, research and service
  • Providing opportunities and support for faculty and staff to participate in 
  • professional and personal development
  • Maintaining quality technology and library resources and services
  • Maintaining quality classroom instruction and research space
3. We will expand accessibility to academic programs through:
  • Supporting online and other distance learning technologies
  • Development of appropriate academic programs at the Regional Campuses consistent with the recommendations in the 2010 Outreach Task Force Report
  • Supporting dual credit and early college opportunities for high school students
  • Developing alternative packaging and flexible scheduling to address the needs of adults and other non-traditional students
  • Offering robust summer school and intersession course offerings

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