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Goal 5 - Resource Enhancement

How will we generate public and private revenues necessary to fund institutional priorities?

1. We will work with the Council on Postsecondary Education and state leaders in:
  • Advocating for optimal state funding of postsecondary education
  • Seeking a fair and equitable distribution of state funding across public institutions
  • Identifying an equitable balance between student and state funding shares
  • Maintaining an effective and equitable student tuition and fee model 
2. We will increase external funding through:
  • Expanding efforts to seek research and grant funding
  • Commercializing research
  • Expanding efforts to facilitate a comprehensive campaign
  • Expanding efforts to build alumni groups and a philanthropic culture among students, graduates and community
3. We will optimize auxiliary and other revenue opportunities that are within institutional control through:
  • Participating in consortia arrangements with other state agencies and postsecondary education institutions that maximize revenue and improve operating efficiency
  • Developing internal partnerships that maximize operating efficiency and effectiveness
  • Monitoring and maintaining operational policies and practices to ensure excellence in stewardship of resources
  • Developing entrepreneurial opportunities that capitalize on institutional assets

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