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MSU Home :: 6. Enrollment Growth and Retention Gains

Goal 6 - Enrollment Growth and Retention Gains

How will we reach optimal student enrollment and retention goals?

1. We will systematically implement the goals of a comprehensive enrollment management plan to facilitate growth and improve student retention in focus areas including:
  • First-time freshmen
  • Graduate students 
  • Diverse students
  • Adult students
  • Transfer students
  • KCTCS transfers
  • Veterans
  • International students
  • Dual enrolled high school students


2. We will coordinate and promote public awareness of student success and quality programs include:

  • Showcase student successes
  • Highlight alumni achievements
  • Recognize accomplishments of faculty and staff


3. We will expand access, college readiness, and academic outreach through:

  • Partnerships with public schools and KCTCS institutions
  • Dual enrollment opportunities for high school students
  • High school math transition courses
  • Joint advising programs for students desiring a bachelor’s degree
  • Transition Center and Transition Outreach Programs & Services
  • Project graduate candidates
  • Veterans OPS program and benefits
  • Credit for experiential learning
  • KCTCS Transfers
  • Adult, part-time, international and other non-traditional students
  • Robust freshman seminar program
  • Comprehensive program for honor students
  • Coordination and assessment of the Developmental Education Program
  • Effective financial aid packages utilizing federal, state and private programs
  • Increasing public awareness on student affordability and access issues
  • Degree programs from 128 to 120 credit hours
  • Outreach programs sponsored by Financial Aid
  • Enhanced opportunities for Credit for Prior Learning
  • Five regional campuses and fully online degree programs


4. We will strengthen retention through:

  • Structured learning assistance for first-year students, at-risk students, and students enrolled in identified challenging courses
  • Effective student support programs and advising services for all students including distance learners, students attending at a regional campus, part-time and adult learners
  • Opportunities for learning communities and peer support structures
  • Opportunities for mastery teaching and learning strategies that enhance retention
  • A University-wide academic advising plan with evaluation
  • Structured program and evaluation related to minority retention


5. We will systematically implement the goals of the University Marketing Plan supporting:

  • Recruitment 
  • Retention
  • Internal communication
  • Media relations
  • Crisis communication
  • Government relations 
  • Pride raising (friends and fund raising)
  • Athletic marketing
6. We will partner internally and externally with programs that focus on enhancing the education pipeline to maximize recruitment opportunities such as:
  • Upward Bound
  • Kentucky Appalachian Higher Education Network Center (KYAHED)
  • Governor’s Scholars Program
  • Governor’s School for the Arts
  • Rogers’ Scholars Program


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