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Alumni Tower 

 Hall Director: Luis Pelegrin (

Fall 2014 Designation: Upperclass Housing

Cost for 2014-2015 Academic Year:  $2,100 per semester

Hello, fellow residents of Alumni Tower!

Welcome to Morehead State University! I am writing to introduce myself and to describe the community in which you reside.

My name is Luis Pelegrin and I will be your Hall Director. I was born and raised in New York City and went to college at the State University of New York at Delhi where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Management. I also served as a Resident Assistant for three years and a Senior Resident Assistant for my last semester of college. My family teases me and says that I want to be in college forever.

I think they say this because even after I graduated from SUNY Delhi, I went right back to work there as a temporary Student Activities Program Assistant. Despite what my family says, it is not because I want to be in college forever. It is because I actually enjoy getting the chance to interact with others and to serve as a quasi-mentor for some of them.

I am so excited to welcome you to Morehead State University for the 2014-2015 school year. It will hopefully be one of the most challenging and rewarding times of your life.

Alumni Tower is an eight-story coed residence hall for upper-classmen. It was built in 1967 and renovated in 2009-2010. A food court and convenience store occupy the ground floor. Did you know that Alumni Tower was named in honor of the University’s more than 50,000 graduates?

Please take a moment to review the Morehead State University handbook and the rules that govern all of us. It will be one of my responsibilities to enforce those policies and it will be your responsibility to understand them and comply.
All of us here at Morehead State University work together to provide the best educational experience that you can have anywhere. Make sure that you are checking your email account with the school for updates, and look at the website to familiarize yourself with the school if you haven’t already done so.

My wish is that you will all be open to new experiences and ideas, as well as making new friends. This year can be one of the best experiences of your lives. Opportunities abound. You will be able to attend programs and events that are put on by your Resident Advisors, whose primary job is focused on helping you become an active and engaged student.

Enjoy your summer and get ready for an exciting fall. I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you personally. I want you to feel free to talk with me about your concerns, your successes, your hopes and dreams. My office is on the first floor of Alumni Tower. I encourage you to stop by and pick my brain for advice, ask questions, and provide feedback about your experience so that we can exceed your expectations!

See you soon,
Mr. Luis Pelegrin, Alumni HD

Opened in 1967 as an all-male residence hall, Alumni Tower was named in honor of Morehead Stated University Alumni.  Alumni Tower is the only residence hall on campus with dining facilities located within the building. The eight-story, air-conditioned hall is a double occupancy facility housing 384 residents.  Restrooms are lockable but are community restrooms.  Each room is furnished with window blinds, beds, study desks and chairs, closets, telephone jack with local service (students will need to provide an analog telephone), cable television jack, and a wired internet port.

Room Size:  13'6" X 11'

Window Size: 2'6' X 5' (blinds are provided)



  • Wireless internet throughout the building
  • Laundry Room on the main floor
  • Study rooms on each floor
  • Two elevators
  • Dining facility on the lower level


Alumni Tower


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