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feature story

Yunus Alduhayman

YunusFor those living outside Kentucky, Morehead State University may not be a familiar name. The stellar academic programs that MSU provides tell it all.

A junior accounting major, Yunus Alduhayman, of Algassim, Saudi Arabia, discovered MSU by chance while searching for business schools on the Internet.

Arriving in the United States in 2009 to study English at San Diego State University, Alduhayman quickly mastered the language in less than two years.

After learning English, Alduhayman wanted to pursue an accounting degree, although he had previously earned an accounting degree in Saudi Arabia. His family, whom remains in Saudi Arabia, was very supportive of his move to Kentucky to attend MSU.

“My parents always stressed the importance of academics,” he said.

Possessing a passion for accounting and photography, he has found a home at MSU. Alduhayman has taken advantage of MSU’s affordability, academic programs and the vast recreational opportunities. He continues to excel in his academics and during his free time, he enjoys adventuring around campus. Two of his favorite activities are hiking around Eagle Lake and utilizing the state of the art Recreational and Wellness Center.

MSU’s International Student Support Services played an integral part in Alduhayman’s transition.

“I could not imagine myself without this,” he said.

The International Student Support Services provide airport service for international students as well as helping them with financial aid, housing and other pertinent aspects of college life.

Alduhayman mentions that his college days are those that will build toward his future. Capturing moments with a camera allows him to reflect on his past. He is in the midst of composing a journal that will document his move from Saudi Arabia to California to Morehead.

Alduhayman is very content to step outside his “comfort level.” During the winter break, he traveled to Brazil and is preparing for trips to Spain and Argentina this summer.

He enjoys interacting with everyone with whom he comes in contact.

“I want to be friends with people in order to educate one another. We are all the same,” he said.

Alduhayman has quickly fallen in love with the MSU campus and its surroundings. From the tranquility of Cave Run Lake to the vastness of the Daniel Boone National Forest, he seeks to capture the beauty and adapt himself into the community.

“If anyone asks me about MSU, I will tell them it is the best choice of my life,” he said.

    "The education I received and the experience of being an MSU cheerleader has paved a way for my next chapter in life."

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