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Paying your guest(s)

Reserving rooms and food

Promoting your event



 Applying for Funding

(for Arts and Humanities events only) 

All MSU AHC Special Events Applications (for the following academic year) are due April 1. Information and forms are provided below. Please be sure to read the MSU AHC Special Events Guidelines. All funded event managers will also need to submit a Final Report within 30 days following the event. Applications and Final Reports are to be submitted to Mary Jerde.

MSU AHC Special Events Guidelines

MSU AHC Special Events Application

MSU AHC Special Events Grant Final Report Form

For questions or guidance, please feel free to contact Mary Jerde, 783-2545,, 003A Breckinridge Hall.


 Paying your guests

(be sure to start this process right away, as this can take weeks)

These are the documents that are required in order for you to pay your guest. Once you have these documents filled out and signed (if required), your academic department or unit specialist will be able to prepare an online purchase requisition for you. Instructions for filling out these documents appear below.

Speaker and Entertainer Contract

Invoice (Template)

W-9 Form (Tax Payer Identification Number Request) (See page 2)

 Check Request Form

Travel Expense Voucher (Required only if you are paying travel for your guest in addition to a fee)


Speaker/Entertainer Contract (SEC): The event manager will fill this out and fax or email it to the guest.

In the first line, type today’s day, month, and year.

The next section is the name, address, etc. of your guest. Be sure to include his/her social security number or your guests’ employer identification number, if they have one.

You have one line of text to write under “Services.” Feel free to write “See attached schedule of agreed activities” and attach a full schedule of the activities your guest will conduct during the residency at MSU.

Under “Cost Detail” you should include the costs for the artist’s fee, and the costs for his/her travel. These are the dollar amounts you agreed to pay your guest. If you list both the dollar amount for the fees and the dollar amount for travel, your guest must provide receipts for their travel and lodging, and the event manager must fill out a Travel Expense Report for the guest. Under “Payment” you would type the dollar amount for “Per Diem” and the dollar amount for the “Fee for Service.”

Alternatively, under “Cost Detail” you can list the total amount you agreed to pay your guest and write the total dollar amount and state “Cost as agreed, which includes fees, travel expenses, lodging and meals.” Under “Payment” you would then type the total dollar amount under “Fee for Service.” This eliminates the need to get receipts and process a Travel Expense Report.

The contract dates are the dates your guest will be at MSU.

The guest signs the contract and returns it to the event manager either by email, fax or regular mail. The event manager then signs the contract under “Morehead State University, Requested By.”

W-9: The guest fills out this form and returns it to the event manager. Your guest only needs to fill out the W-9 section of the form. The vendor part is for businesses.

Invoice: The guest should provide an invoice for the amount due for his fees and travel. If a guest does not provide an invoice, simply create one. An invoice template appears below. The invoice does not need a signature.

Check Request: The event manager fills out the check request for the amount due the guest for his fees and travel. 


 Reserving Facilities and Food 

Button Auditorium, ADUC, and all classrooms and meeting rooms on campus are reserved through MSU Conference Services. Reservations for Duncan Recital Hall in Baird Hall, the Claypool-Young Art Gallery and the Lucille Caudill Little Theatre are handled independently, Conference Services will provide further information.

All food provided for events that are held in any campus building must be purchased through Classic Fare Catering, per MSU Food Services Policies. For further information or to inquire about exceptions, please see the Food Services Policies. For approved situations, a Catering Waiver Form must be submitted to Mr. Bill Redwine, Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services, 783-2680,, 102H ADUC.


 Promoting Your Event

All events funded through the MSU Arts and Humanities Council are expected to offer at least one public event which is promoted at a minimum with a news release and an entry in the MSU Arts and Humanities Calendar. Below are links to these and other ways to promote your event.

The first thing to do is send your event title, date, begin & end times, your contact information and a brief description of your event, as well the URL to your quest's website, the URL to the academic program hosting the event and/or your own MSU webpage, to Mary Jerde for inclusion in the Morehead State Arts and Humanities Calendar. Prior to your event, an e-notice will be disseminated to a mailing list of 800+ which will include all upcoming events listed in the calendar.

Next, the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) will help with:

  • Design and Print Jobs
  • News Releases
  • Photography
  • Website Development
  • and "Much More"

Just fill out the appropriate form on the Communications and Marketing Start Here Webpage. Note that you will need an On-campus Transaction Form (OCT) to pay OCM for the printing charges. Other services OCM offers are generally free.

Other ways you may want to promote your event include the following:

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR SPONSORS appropriately in all of your promotional materials AND when you announce the activities for your event. Here is a list of the proper names for the Hinkle funds, and the departments in the Caudill College.

The Buckner and Sally S. Hinkle Endowment for Humanities
Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Art and Design
Department of Communication, Media and Leadership Studies
Department of English
Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
Department of International and Interdisciplinary Studies
Department of History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies
Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminology





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