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MSU Home :: Survey Response

You have responded to our RWC survey and in turn we have listened.  We appreciate all your feedback and do our best to address the concerns you bring to our attention.  Below are responses to some of the most common comments on the survey.  We are unable to address all issues for many different reasons, but strive to do what we can when we can. 

General Comments 

There were several comments on lack of parking and cleanliness of the facility.   

We are aware of the parking issues and do what we can to work with University Police to ensure violators are ticketed, but are unable to patrol the parking lot at all times.  We suggest finding times when the facility is not as busy to commence your workouts so you can be ensured a parking spot.  The busiest times in the facility are from 3:30pm-8pm. 

We strive to keep the facility clean and free of debris.  Our students and professional staff are constantly walking the facility, cleaning, and monitoring issues that need to be addressed. If you see something that needs to be specifically addressed, please feel free to speak with a supervisor. 



We understand the concerns regarding the shortened natatorium hours that went into effect spring 2011.  We also understand that many would like to see the facility opened later into the evening as well as longer on the weekends.   

When we limited the natatorium hours to the current schedule we saved $10,000 in payroll.  It is very expensive to have lifeguards on deck the entire day, and it was not seen as cost effective in regards to the usage statistics we were seeing.   

In regards to extending building hours for the RWC, we do not have the student payroll budget to do so.  In these economic times, we have to make hard decisions, and our hours are based on usage patterns.  We have to schedule the facility according to when we feel it will be most used and we will be most cost effective with our student staff.   

** We did extend Saturday hours this academic year to close 2 hours later.  We also extended our winter break and spring break hours to include the 6am work out.** 

Concerns about closures and limited holiday hours are understandable.  We ask that you understand that there are times that we must close the facility for maintenance, cleaning and training that are not able to be accomplished when the facility is open.  We will continue to monitor usage during holiday breaks and adjust as necessary. 


There were many requests for additional classes for group fitness.  We strive to provide a variety of classes for our members and will continue to do so.  We are limited in what we can offer due to lack of qualified instructors and schedules.  We will continue to work on the schedule to provide as diverse a group fitness program as we can. 

There were several requests for aqua fitness classes.  We attempted to provide aqua fitness classes the first two semesters of operation and saw very little participation.  This program has not proven cost effective and until we feel we have a population that will consistently participate, we will not be adding this back into the schedule. 



There were several requests for a heavy bag or punching bag.  Also requests for additional weight lifting equipment and martial arts equipment and space.  We are looking into options for adding a heavy bag/punching bag.  We are unable to provide additional weight lifting equipment or martial arts space due to lack of funding as well as space.  These are things we will continue to keep in mind as we budget and plan for the future. 



Comments regarding programs that would help people find workout partners, people to play racquetball with and participate in other activities with is being worked on.  We hope to implement a “buddy program” this fall that will assist people in finding likeminded people to participate in different activities together.   

Silver Sneakers

There were several questions about the program Silver Sneakers for our senior members.  We are currently working with the company to try and implement this program for the upcoming year.  If we are unable to offer this program we will be sure to let the members know.   



Summer Hours

Saturday 9am-4pm 10am-2pm
Sunday 3-8pm 3-7pm

Outdoor Adventure office hours

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Bowling Lanes hours

Tuesday-Friday  4-8pm
Saturday & Sunday by appt

July 4th weekend

July 3
 10am-5pm 10am-2pm 
July 4
July 5 
4-7pm  4-6pm 

Note: Open hours are reduced during all University breaks/holidays/events


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