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Sexual Assault Procedures

Morehead State University will not tolerate sexual assault in any form, including acquaintance rape. Where there is probable cause to believe that University regulations prohibiting sexual assault have been violated, campus disciplinary action will be pursed.

A student charged with sexual assault can be prosecuted under Kentucky Revised Statutes and disciplined under the Code of Student Conduct. Even if the victim chooses not to prosecute, the University can pursue disciplinary action.

Suggestions to Protect Yourself

  • When you first date someone you don’t know well, check him/her out with friends. Plan to meet someplace where there are other people - a restaurant, a movie, a mall - or go with a group of friends.
  • Be prepared to find your own transportation home. Carry change for a phone call or enough cash for a taxi.
  • Don’t get drunk or stoned. Remember drugs and alcohol decrease your ability to take care of yourself and make sensible decisions.
  • Clearly and firmly, let your date know your limits before you get into a situation you can’t control.
  • Don’t leave a party, a concert, or even a ball game with someone you just met.
  • Trust your instincts. If you think something’s not quite right or you feel uneasy, get to where there are other people or tell your date to leave - now. Be assertive.

What if it happens to me?

Don’t feel guilty and don’t try to forget about it. You didn’t ask to be raped. Any rape is a violent attack. That can have traumatic effects on the victim for months and even years afterwards.

  1. The single most important action you can take is to tell someone - your parents, the police, a school counselor, the family doctor, or any adult you trust. Call your community’s rape hotline or crisis center. It is often listed in the telephone book under rape, community crisis center, or sexual assault. The telephone operator can also assist you.
  2. Go to a doctor, hospital, emergency room, or local women’s clinic to be tested for venereal diseases and pregnancy. All rape victims usually feel rage, guilt, anger, and helplessness. They best way to handle these emotions and get back in charge of your life is to talk with sympathetic friends and family or counselors from the rape crisis center, mental health agency, or a woman’s clinic.

Who can help?

Even if you don’t have this problem, someone you know may. Find out about the services in your community that help victims of rape. Some places to look besides the police are rape crisis centers, community health centers, school counselors, women’s clinics, legal aid agencies and social agencies.

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