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Sexual Assault Policy

     Morehead State University will not tolerate sexual offenses in any form. Where there is probable cause to believe that University regulations prohibiting sexual offenses have been violated, campus disciplinary action can be pursued. Campus disciplinary action can include suspension or dismissal from the University.

     If the victim chooses not to prosecute, the University can pursue disciplinary action at the request of the victim. It should be remembered that Morehead State University has an obligation to uphold the laws of the larger community of which it is a part.
While the activities covered by the laws of the larger community and those covered by MSU’s Code of Student Conduct may overlap, it is important to note that the community’s laws and MSU’s Code of Student Conduct operate independently and that they do no substitute one for another. Morehead State University may pursue enforcement of its own rules whether or not legal processing are underway or may use information from a third party source, such as law enforcement agencies and the courts, to determine whether University rules have been broken.

     At the request of the victim, MSU will make every reasonable effort to change a victim’s academic and living situation after an alleged sex offense. The victim will be notified of these options by University officials in the reporting and counseling process.


Statements to Victims of Sexual Assaults

1. We will treat you and your particular case with courtesy, sensitivity, dignity, understanding, and professionalism.

2. If you feel more comfortable talking with a female or a male officer, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

3. We will meet your privately, at a place of your choice in this area to take a complaint report.

4. We will consider your case seriously, regardless of your gender or the gender of the suspect. 

5. Our officers will not prejudge you and you will not be blamed for what occurred.

6. We will assist you in arranging for any hospital treatment or other medical needs.

7. We will assist you in privately contacting a counselor and/or other available resources.

8. We will fully investigate your case and will help you to achieve the best outcome. This may involve arrest and full prosecution of the suspect responsible. You will be kept up-to-date on this progress of the case.

9. We will continue to be available for you, answer your questions, explain the systems and process involved, and be a willing listener.


When a Sexual Assault Occurs

The victim should take one of the following actions immediately:

     •Report to the Morehead State University Police Department by calling 911 from a campus phone or 606-783-2035; the Morehead City Police 911 or 606-784-7511: the Kentucky State Police 911 or 606-784-4127 as appropriate.

     •Seek Medical Attention at the Caudill Health Clinic on campus, or at St. Claire Regional Medical Center or through EMS (911). Tests are administrated that will alleviate fears about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Evidence will be collection which can be used if the victim chooses to prosecute.

     •Contact a Crisis Counselor by calling the University Counseling Center at (606) 783-2123 or after hours by calling the Morehead State University Police Department at (606) 783-2035 or 911 and request to speak with a crisis counselor. A crisis counselor will be able to provide immediate psychological support and refer the victim for medical attention. Additional support will be provided should the victim choose to report the crime.


SART (Sexual Assault Response Team)

Counseling and Health Services at Morehead State University offers the Sexual Assault Response Team. Dr. Shannon Smith-Stephens, a Family Nurse Practitioner, and licensed Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) are working with Police Chief Matt Sparks and Pathways to provide a comfortable, safe environment for victims. Sexual assault examination and counseling services from licenses therapists are available for students, faculty and staff on campus. The services provided by the Health Clinic are free of charge and are available 24 hours a day. The Sexual Assault Response Team consists of law enforcement, victims advocate and a health care professional. The health care professional has been licenses as a sexual assault nurse examiner and can perform physical examinations and forensic-medical examination if necessary. Victims have the right to determine whether to report the assault to law enforcement, except when reporting abuse and neglect of a child, souse and other vulnerable adult as set forth in Kentucky law. No victim shall be denied an examination because the victim chooses not to file a police report, cooperate with law enforcement, or otherwise participate in the criminal justice system. 

If the victim decided to prosecute (which is not required), a prosecutor will also be a 
part of the SART. All services are confidential. There are also free services available through the rape advocacy office at Pathways at (606) 784-4161. To learn more about the resources for victims of sexual assault in Kentucky, visit To request a sexual assault exam, call (606) 776-0076 or for more information contact (606) 783-2123.

Counseling and Health Services

Victims of a sexual assault, who are MSU students, are eligible to the services at the Office of Counseling and Health Services, located on the first floor of Allie Young Hall. The Caudill Health Clinic is open 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters. Hours of operation at other times are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.














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