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Tuition & Fees FAQ 


Is the tuition for internet courses more than face-to-face courses?

No, there is no longer a separate tuition rate for internet courses. Also, there is no additional fee charged for internet courses. Face-to-face and internet courses are billed at the same rate.

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If I take more than 18 credit hours, what will I be charged?

Undergraduate students enrolled in more than 18 credit hours will be charged the full-time rate PLUS the additional per credit hour rate for each credit hour above 18.

Example (per semester)


Full-Time Rate

(12-18 credit hours)

Per Credit Hour Rate (each credit hour above 18)









If I previously received the Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship, what will my net cost be under the new model?

If you are eligible to receive the Nonresident Tuition Scholarship, you will be billed at the nonresident rate and a $4,000 per semester scholarship will be applied to your student bill.

Example (per semester)

Full-Time Non-Resident Tuition (12-18 credit hours)


Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship


Net Cost



Why was the Nonresident Tuition Scholarship changed to a flat dollar amount?

The Nonresident Tuition Scholarship was changed to a flat annual dollar amount of $8,000 ($4,000 per semester) in conjunction with the transition to a full-time tuition rate for undergraduate students. The $8,000 award amount was based on the average Nonresident Tuition Scholarship awarded in the prior year. Previously, the value of the scholarship was driven by the tuition rate and varied with credit hour enrollment and the combination of enrollment in internet and face-to-face courses. Also prior to Fall 2013, the scholarship did not apply to internet course enrollments. Setting the scholarship award to a flat dollar amount for all nonresident students that qualify allows for consistency between students and also consistence in the award amount between semesters with differing full-time credit hour enrollment. There is also more flexibility allowed for students to enroll in internet courses since this is no longer a factor in determining the value of the scholarship.

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What is the tuition rate for non-resident graduate students?

Resident and nonresident graduate students will be billed at the same rate of $535 per credit hour.

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Is there a full-time rate for graduate students?

No, graduate students are billed on a per credit hour basis.

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