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The Morehead State University Summer Arts Academy exists to nurture students' development in the arts in a setting which allows interaction with expert faculty and the opportunity to work with other students who share specific interests in music, theatre, dance, art & design, and creative writing.  All students will select a course of study appropriate to their individual medium , but all will receive the same opportunities. 

The Academy consists of six full days of activities, including individual and group instruction  in your chosen area (music, theatre, dance, art & design and creative writing).  Recreational activities will include an "Art Hop" night, movie night, bowling night and performances /presentations by Morehead State University Summer Art Academy faculty.  


Students will receive intensive individual and group instruction in their medium; private lessons and opportunities for chamber ensemble experience; (clarinet choir, trombone choir, etc. for example).  Students will have the opportunity to listen to faculty perform and will work closely with faculty to learn specific techniques that will assist them in becoming a better musician.   All students will take a music theory class, sign up for 2 electives during registration, *see below, and will have the opportunity to perform in the SAA Final Celebration Festival on Saturday, 1 p.m. 

Students involved with theatre during the Academy will receive intensive individual and group instruction in daily classes including but not limited to acting, improvisation, dance, elements of design, and production.  The student will also rehearse during the course of the week for the SAA Final Celebration Festival on Saturday.  Students involved with dance during the Academy will receive intensive individual and group instruction in daily technique classes offered in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance.  Studies in Improvisation, Dance Choreography, and Dance History supports the technical training students will receive and prepare the dancer for performance.  Dancers present a concert of repertoire created during the week and frequent collaboration with Academy music students enhances their overall Arts experience. 

Art & Design
Digital Art - Prepare to look at digital art in a whole new light by learning new concepts and techniques in a lab full of current and professional technology. Over this course, students will learn art related philosophies and techniques for producing digital paintings and conceptual art. Students will begin by applying traditional art skills in the virtual environment of Adobe Photoshop and use specialized hardware for creating their works of art. Students will immerse themselves in the creative and engaging assignments as they build digital painting skills from the ground up. Overall, this class is not limited to those who are primarily interested in painting as anyone who is interested in art will learn skills that will transcend media and aid in future creative endeavors!

Ceramics - Students will learn how to make hand-built pottery using soft slabs of textured clay.  In addition to making pottery, participants will learn to load bisque kilns, apply glaze and under-glaze decoration, and glaze fire ceramic art work.  Wheel-throwing demonstrations will also be given while pottery is drying and kilns are cooling.

Photography - Students will learn basic concepts of photography and become familiar with various types of cameras.  Hands on experiences will be emphasized as students create photograms and make and use a pin-hole camera.  How does light duplicate images?  How are images transmitted on paper?  The processes and techniques of black and white photography will be utilized.

Printmaking - Students will create unique prints known as monotypes. They will explore different methods to achieve their unique prints such as additive, reductive, and hand coloring through mixed media. Techniques will be implemented by creating portraits, self-portraits, using photographs, and collage like materials. Students will also explore the wide arrange of possibilities in printmaking inks and that of non-toxic paints to create their works of art.

Creative Writing
Students will receive a broad but intense introduction to the art, craft and business of creative writing.  Academy students will work both individually and as groups with faculty members who are published authors.  Students will emerge from this experience better writers and better readers, prepared to create, revise and refine a wide array of creative work.      


Students signed up for music will have the the opportunity to select 2 electives during registration.
Music Electives include:
Music Technology
Class Piano
Jazz Improvisation
Choir for the instrumentalist
History of Rock 'n' Roll

Daily Schedule per area

Art and Design
Creative Writing


Check in/registration will take place on Sunday, June 8, 2014, 3 p.m., Baird Music Hall


"I loved the music! I liked all the private instruction time."

"I liked the fact that we had free time filled with electives, especially music technology because I love composing. Furthermore, I loved the music we played in all aspects. The Academy really got me motivated to practice.  I loved it!  I liked the concepts covered in the higher level theory class. I can’t wait until next year…I hope I get to come back."

"I liked everything about the Academy!  The counselors were great, the professors were wonderful. Everyone was nice and friendly. I can’t wait to go to school in the fall."

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