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Extended Field Experiences


The Extended Field Experiences are defined as field experience hours not assigned to Teacher Preparatory Courses but are needed field experience hours completed by candidates to meet the minimum of 200 field experience hours prior to student teaching as defined by the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB).  The extended field experience hours are recorded by the Office of Field Expereinces in the Educational Service Unit.

Morehead State Univeristy's Extended Field Experiences are and Field Experiences represent the core of our education preparation program and serve as a vital part of all professional education courses.  Extended Field Experiences are designed to provide teacher candidates with opportunities to veiw the entire scope of teaching in a classroom setting and to develop skills necessary to be effective teachers.  Extended field experience hours and feild experience hours within program courses must follow the Education Professional Standards Board 16 KAR 5:040, Section 3 (3).

All teacher education candidates planning to student teache after Fall of 2013 are advised that they must meet revised field experience requirements of a minimum of 200 field experience hours prior to student teaching.  In most teacher preparatory programs candidates will be completing extended field experience hours and fild experience hours to meet the minimum requirement of 200 hours.  Beginning in Fall 2013, extended field experience hours will be attached to EDUC 140 and EDUC 240. 

EDUC 140 and/or EDUC 240

EDUC 140 and EDUC 240 were designed to satisfy the EPSB standard that all field experiences must be attached to courses in the candidates respective teacher preparatory program.  A candidate may earn up to 40 hours of extended field experience hours in EDUC 140 and up to 50 in EDUC 240.  Each of these courses is a one credit hour course and is graded with a pass/fail.  Candidates will check the TEP Handbook under Four Tiers of the Field and Clinical Experience Hours to know the number of extended field hours, field hours, and clinical experience hours to be completed per teacher preparatory programs. 

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