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Engineering and Technology Management Academic Programs

The Department of Engineering and Technology Management at Morehead State University offers a number of associate, undergraduate and graduate degrees to meet your academic needs. Click the title of each program to learn more. 

Undergraduate Degrees

Engineering Technology, Associate of Applied Science

The engineering technology program prepares students to fill advanced technical/engineering positions in business and industries. In this two-year program, students can choose from four specialties:

Engineering Management, Bachelor of Science

The Engineering Management program prepares students for careers in quality, production and design engineering.

Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology will prepare students for highly specialized technology careers, or to continue their education in graduate school. Students in this program may choose from three specialties:

Technology Management, Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree prepares students for jobs such as project manager, production manager, mechanical engineer, process engineer, design engineer and quality assurance engineer. Students can now choose from two specialties:

Industrial Education, Bachelor of Science

A degree in Industrial Education prepares students for a career as an educator in public or private schools. Students in this program can choose to specialize in either Engineering and Technology or Occupation-Based Career and Technology Education.

Graduate Degrees

Engineering and Technology Management, Master of Science

The master's in Engineering and Technology Management degree is designed primarily for persons holding a bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, information technology, industrial technology, engineering, engineering technology, applied sciences, manufacturing engineering, mechanical design, or related technical professional programs. The MSETM degree now has two tracks to choose from:

Career and Technical Education, Master of Science

The master's in Career and Technical Education degree is structured to allow individuals to pursue career advancement in career and technical programs at the secondary and postsecondary level in teaching and administration, or to prepare technologists with advanced technical management skills who are capable of managing personnel training and facilities. 

Caiwen Ding
Caiwen Ding, is a graduate assistant in his fourth semester at MSU and is currently working on his MSETM degree. He recently gained admission to the PhD program in Electrical Engineering at the University of Kentucky. He earned his BS in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Guangxi University, China. His graduate studies are in the field of Electrical Engineering with a research emphasis on Solar Energy. He is working on a thesis titled Design and Analysis of a LabVIEW and Arduino-based Automatic Solar Tracking System. He presented “A LabVIEW-based Automatic Solar Tracking System: Architecture & Analysis” with Dr. Yuqiu You at the 2014 ATMAE Conference.

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