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Meal Plans

A meal plan is an efficient and easy choice for any student and will offer convenience and flexibility to your dining experience at Morehead State. Meals can be used at all food services locations on campus, excluding Starbucks and the P.O.D. Convenience Store in Alumni Tower. Each time you make a purchase your account is reduced by one meal when on a meal plan. Funds for the University's meal plans are accessed using the contactless chip (flyBUY) portion of your EagleCard. All meal plan options come with additional Flex Dollars which can be used for additional purchases at all on-campus food service locations ONLY including Starbucks and the P.O.D. Convenience Store in Alumni Tower. Flex Dollars are not accepted at the Bookstore or any of the vending locations. If you use all of the Flex Dollars on your meal plan you have the option to add funds to your EagleCard ID. This amount will be put into the new all-in-one BeakerBUCKs account.

Meal Plan & BeakerBUCKs Selections for Spring 2016


It’s time to think about your meal plan for the spring 2016 semester. Remember, there have been some changes to the meal plans this year in regards to minimum required and default billings.  Freshman status students now have the 160 block minimum required and sophomores are 160 block minimum default.  The 160 block is the same on meals as the former 10 meals a week plan.  The $500 required dining club has been replaced by a $750 Flex plan.  The 100 block plan is still available but for sophomore and above statuses.  This was made available to sophomores due to starting as freshman with the understanding that the 100 block was the required for freshman/sophomore last year.  Please read the helpful hints below to learn how to keep the same plan, change the plan, how your status can affect your meal plan charge, etc. Please address any questions concerning meal plan charges to the EagleCard Office. Beginning January August 13th, please come to the EagleCard Office located in 107 ADUC to make any changes to your meal plan selection.

  • Print version of meal plan contract (2015/2016)

You MUST complete your Protect Class Schedule Plan via MyMoreheadState before your Meal Plan or BeakerBUCKs order will be applied to your student account and activated for use.

Meal Plans for Spring 2016 may be used starting Thursday the evening of Jan. 14, 2016 at Alumni Tower. 
Please select/change meal plan and BeakerBUCKs by January 8th to help guarantee accuracy on your billing.
The last day to change your meal for spring after the semester starts is Tuesday, January 26th.

Meal Plan Considerations

  • Mandatory Meal/Dining Policy   
  • Did you have a plan for the Fall 2015 term and did it suit your needs?
  • Do you want to keep the same plan? 
    • Required minimum billings have changed.  If you are a Freshman or Sophomore that defaulted to the 160 block required for fall 2015 – the default will still be the 160 block unless your status changes - see below concerning status and other changes... sophomores going to junior status, your auto 160 block charge will not be charged to your spring 2016 student bill once your fall 2015 credit hours have been applied to your student billing. If you wish to participate in the 160 block meal plan you must submit a meal plan order.
    • If you were a junior, senior or graduate student during fall 2015 and chose the 100 block plan for fall 2015 and want to keep the 100 block for spring 2016 you will not need to submit a new order.
    • If you were a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student who chose the 7, 15, 19, 30, or 750 flex Plan for Fall 2015 you will not need to resubmit your order. The 10 mp is now the 160 block which is the minimum default for residential freshman and sophomore status students living on campus and under 21. The 15 mp is also known as the 5 day all access and the 19 mp is known as the 7 day all access. (The 30 block plan is for commuters only, so if you move back into a residence hall for spring 2016 you will need to select another plan).
    • NOTICE: Full time residential Freshmen and Sophomores under 21 years of age will default to the 160 block meal plan if no plan is chosen (see residence hall info below). Freshmen cannot choose the 100 block or the $750 flex plan. Sophomores can for Spring 2016 based over all credit hours..
  • Will your schedule dramatically change due to labs, sports, or other activities?
  • Will you be going home more or less often on the weekends? This will effect the number of meals needed for the week.
  • Will your status change? (sophomore to junior) If so, take into consideration that you are no longer required and will not default to the 160 block meal plan. If you wish to participate in a meal plan or BeakerBUCKs you must submit an order.
  • Will you be 21 years of age within the spring 2016 term? If so, you will not be required to participate even if you have freshman or sophomore status. If you wish to participate in a meal plan or BeakerBUCKs you must submit an order.
  • Will you be changing residence halls? Students living at Eagle Lake Apartments, Mays Hall, Normal Hall, and the University Farm are not required to participate in the required meal plans but may still choose one of the plans and/or BeakerBUCKs.
  • BeakerBUCKs account balances carry forward BUT we do not automatically recharge you BeakerBUCKs for each semester. A new order will have to be placed for BeakerBUCKs to be added to your Fall 2015 student bill.


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