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Academic Programs

Creative Writing, Bachelor of Arts degree

This program is only one of a few in the country. Faculty members provide you hands-on experiences through the use of studio-oriented creative writing workshops in poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction.  Curriculum is made up of a solid foundation of literature courses, as well as complete courses in the humanities, the natural and social sciences and world languages.

English, Bachelor of Arts degree

You will take course work in literature, linguistics and writing.  As a graduate of the English program you will be provided with comprehensive exposure and an intensive understanding of both British and American literature. 

English Education, Bachelor of Arts degree

The English Education program leads to teacher certification in grades 8-12. You will receive broad and in-depth preparation in literature, linguistics and writing and will participate in hands-on methods classes providing you with real classroom experience.

Master of Arts in English

The Master of Arts in English at Morehead State University offers you a comprehensive overview of advanced literary study, as well as courses in creative and technical writing and linguistics.  This program is also completely available online.

Available Minors


A minor in English (24 credit hours) will give you a broader understanding of British and American literature. The curriculum focuses on linguistics, as well as classes that will advance your writing skills. 

Creative Writing 

A minor in creative writing (21 credit hours) will help you develop your writing skills in a variety of genres including fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction.


A minor in literature (21 credit hours) is designed to specifically help you develop a broader understanding of British and American literature.


A minor in linguistics (21 credit hours) will allow you to investigate the nature, acquisition and function of human language especially in its history, structure and role in society.  You will be prepared for any career in which language is of central importance, including careers in education, law, communications, foreign language, translation, journalism, technical writing, psychology, anthropology and speech pathology. 

Learn more about resources for linguistics minors.

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I can honestly say that the decision to attend college at Morehead State University was one of the greatest decisions of my life.

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