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3 at last! 3 at Last!

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3 at last! 3 at last!

Hello Eagle faithful! We are around 3 hours out from our destination of Denver, CO. I am showing it is almost 5 A.M. where you all are and 3 A.M. here on the cool bus, and we have one sleepy bus! We stopped at our last rest stop until we arrive, and let me tell you, people out west must not go to the bathroom much because the amount of stalls in these places keeps on shrinking! But if that is our only complaint I have heard so far we are doing great!

I have to admit, this is the first time I have traveled by bus this far west, I figured it couldn’t get anymore boring than Illinois but I was wrong (apologies to my Illinois friends)! I once heard a joke about a Kansas man who watched his dog run away for days because it’s so flat here, I no longer think it’s a joke but a very true statement! We did a poll of our students to see who brought any good luck charms with them and also asked if anyone had any pre-game rituals they wanted to share. You know how some of these super-fans get! My sister will only watch her beloved alma mater while wearing an odd number of paraphernalia, I know one man who will start out with one jersey on and if he feels it isn’t working he will change into another one or take it off part way through the game. So far we have seen only one brave soul on this bus willing to share that his lucky charm is his #35 MSU jersey, and we all know who he is a fan of!!!!

We have one amazing group of students on this bus, I don’t mean to brag but these students have been so fun! MSU has a way of bringing a diverse population together and under the right circumstances they become a small family. These students will remember this bus trip in a positive way for years to come, I feel bad for those students who did not get to come experience this. We now have some amazing bus drivers as well! We pulled into a gas station in Kansas and picked up 2 MSU wearing bus drivers that excited these students, and then the Dean freaked them out by wearing a pink bikini that I have on video (it’s not pretty).

We are still struggling to load our video so hopefully we can at least get our first one posted at the hotel. Keep checking back often for all of the excitement!!


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