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David Eisenhour

Faculty Profile

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David Eisenhour, Professor Biology
Program/Dept: Biology & Chemistry
Degrees, Licensures and Certifications: B.S. - Biology, Evangel College; M.S. - Zoology, University of Tennessee; Ph.D. - Zoology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Research Interests:

Biodiversity of North American freshwater fishes

I document biodiversity of North American freshwater fishes, concentrating on those of the central United States, especially Kentucky. Although I am interested in all local fishes, my focus is on the poorly known non-game fishes, especially minnows, darters, and madtom catfishes. I am genuinely interested in my research and want to make a lasting contribution to society. This contribution is to preserve the incredible biodiversity of our state’s fishes and to make the public aware of this diversity. My research is often highly enjoyable and diverse in form, involving collecting or observing fishes in dark swamps, large rivers, and tiny creeks, collecting data in a lab setting, and extensive library research. Making a contribution to the understanding of the conservation and status of Kentucky’s fishes has taken the form of studies of specific fishes, along with studies encompassing examining many fish species. My studies can be categorized into three areas: (1) Systematic studies of fish species documenting geographic variation and species boundaries; (2) Ecology and conservation biology studies of specific species; (3) Broad contributions to understanding of regional fish diversity, including development of a book about Kentucky Fishes.

Selected Publications: 



 2015. Hickman, C. P., Jr., L. S. Roberts, S. Keen, A. Larson, and D. J. Eisenhour. Animal Diversity, 7th edition. Mc-Graw-Hill.


 2014. Hickman, C. P., Jr., L. S. Roberts, S. Keen, D. J. Eisenhour, A. Larsen, and H. I’Anson. Integrated Principles of Zoology, 16th edition. McGraw-Hill.


 2013. Eisenhour, D. J, and M. A. Floyd. A culvert acts as a barrier for Blackside Dace (Chrosomus cumberlandensis) movements in Lick Fork, Kentucky. Southeastern Naturalist 12:82-91.


 2013. Eisenhour, D. J., A. M. Richter, L. V. Eisenhour, and C-R. Gingras. Reproductive biology of the Frecklebelly Darter, Percina stictogaster (Teleostei: Percidae). Southeastern Fishes Council Proceedings 54:1-8.


 2011. Eisenhour, D. J., A. M. Richter, and J. M. Schiering. Conservation status of the longhead darter, Percina macrocephala, in Kinniconick Creek, Kentucky. Southeastern Fishes Council Proceedings 53:13-20.


 2008. Scheibly, J. F., D. J. Eisenhour, and L. V. Eisenhour. Reproductive Biology of the Northern Madtom, Noturus stigmosus (Siluriformes: Ictaluridae) from the Licking River, Kentucky. Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science 69:178-186. 




•2008. Hopkins, R. L., II, and D. J. Eisenhour. Hybridization of Lythrurus fasciolaris (Cope) and Lythrurus umbratilis (Girard) (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) in the Ohio River basin. Copeia 2008:162-171.

•2007. Eisenhour, D. J. and L. V. Eisenhour. Clinal variation in Ohio River basin populations of the redfin shiner, Lythrurus umbratilis. Northeastern Naturalist 14:519-530.

•2005. Burr, B. M., D. J. Eisenhour, and J. M. Grady. Two new species of Noturus (Siluriformes: Ictaluridae) from the Tennessee River drainage: description, distribution, and conservation status. Copeia 2005:783-802.

•2004. Eisenhour, D. J., and L. V. Eisenhour. Morphological variation and systematics of the Notropis rubellus complex (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in Kentucky and Tennessee. Southeastern Naturalist 3:431-450.

•2003. Underwood, D. M., A. A. Echelle, D. J. Eisenhour, M. D. Jones, and W. L. Fisher. Genetic variation in western members of the Macrhybopsis aestivalis complex (Teleostei: Cyprinidae), with emphasis on those of the Red and Arkansas River basins. Copeia 2003:493-501.

•1999. Eisenhour, D. J. Systematics of Macrhybopsis tetranema (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae). Copeia 1999:969-980.

•1999. Luttrell G. R., A. A. Echelle, W. L. Fisher, and D. J. Eisenhour. Declining status of two species of the Macrhybopsis aestivalis complex (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the Arkansas River basin and related effects of reservoirs as barriers to dispersal. Copeia 1999:981-989.

•1998. Eisenhour D. J. and R. M. Strange. Threatened fishes of the world: Phoxinus cumberlandensis Starnes & Starnes, 1978 (Cyprinidae). Environmental Biol. Fishes. 51:140.

•1997. Eisenhour, D. J. and K. R. Piller. Two new intergeneric hybrids involving Semotilus atromaculatus and the genus Phoxinus with analysis of additional S. atromaculatus-Phoxinus hybrids. Copeia 1997:204-209.

•1995. Eisenhour, D. J. Systematics of Etheostoma camurum and E. chlorobranchium (Osteichthyes: Percidae) in the Tennessee and Cumberland River drainages with analysis of hybridization in the Nolichucky River system. Copeia 1995:368-379.

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