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Carol Wymer

Faculty Profile

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Carol L. Wymer, Professor Biology
Program/Dept: Biology & Chemistry
Degrees, Licensures and Certifications: B.S. - University of Dayton; M.S. - University of Dayton; Ph.D. - Pennsylvania State University
Research Interests:

Science Education 

My current scholarship activities are in the area of science teaching and learning. I am the project director for a grant funded by the US Department of Education through the Kentucky Department of Education. This project (Collaboration in Biology: Raising Achievement – CoBRA) is providing professional development to science teachers in Elliott, Lawrence, Menifee, and Powell County Schools. Recent changes in KY state testing have mandated the use of a very rigorous end of course assessment (EOC) instrument from Quality Core as up to 20% of a student’s grade in High School Biology. Previous testing data indicate that many high school students do not have the foundational science knowledge or literacy skills to perform well on this reading-intensive test. This project is providing professional development in the areas of biology content knowledge, formative assessment, and literacy strategies to teachers of grades 6, 7, 8, and high school. Through this integrated approach, a project goal is to raise student achievement in biological content at all grade levels; not just on the EOC. Another goal is to improve the teachers’ ability to use best-practices in their classrooms. My collaborators on this project are Drs. Mike Fultz and Jen O’Keefe (science content specialists) at MSU, Dr. Jane Arrington (literacy specialist) at Georgetown College, and Dr. Elizabeth Roland (science curriculum specialist) at Montgomery County Schools.  

Selected Publications:

•2012. Beals, A.M., Krall, R.M., & Wymer , C.L. Energy Flow through an Ecosystem: Conceptions of In-service Elementary and Middle School Teachers. International Journal of Biology Education, 2(1),

•2008. McNall, R., Lott, K., & Wymer, C. In-service Elementary and Middle School Teachers’ Conceptions of Photosynthesis and Respiration. Journal of Science Teacher Education.

•2007. Wymer, C., Gardner, J., Steinberger, Z., & Peyton, D. Polygonum cuspidatum (Polygonaceace) genetic diversity in a small region in Eastern Kentucky. Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Sciences. 68(1):89-95. [designed experimentation, analyzed data, and wrote manuscript].

•2001. Wymer, C., Fernandez-Ábalos, J.M., Doonan, J.H. Micro-injection reveals cell-to-cell movement of green fluorescent protein in cells of maize coleoptiles. Planta. 212: 692-695. [carried out all microinjections and microscopy].

•2000. Lloyd, C.W., Himmelspach, R., Nick, P., Wymer, C. Cortical microtubules form a dynamic mechanism that helps regulate the direction of plant growth. Gravitational and Space Biology Bulletin 13(2): 59-65.

•1999. Himmelspach, R., Wymer, C.L., Lloyd, C.W., Nick, P. Gravity-induced reorientation of cortical microtubules observed in vivo. Plant J 18(4): 449-453.

•1999. Wymer, C.L., Beven, A.F., Boudonck, K., Lloyd, C.W. (1999) Confocal microscopy of plant cells. In: Protocols In Confocal Microscopy. Paddock, S. (ed.), Humana Press, Totowa, NJ., pp. 103-130.

•1997. Wymer, C., Bibikova, T., Gilroy, S. Cytoplasmic free calcium distributions during the development of root hairs of Arabidopsisthaliana. Plant J. 12: 427-439.

•1997. Wymer, C.L., Shaw, P.J., Warn, R.M., Lloyd, C.W. Microinjection of fluorescent tubulin into plant cells provides a representative picture of the cortical microtubule array. Plant J. 12: 229-234.

•1997. Legué, V., Blancaflor, E., Wymer, C., Perbal, G., Fantin, D., Gilroy, S. Cytoplasmic free Ca2+ in Arabidopsis roots changes in response to touch but not gravity. Plant Physiol. 114: 789-800.

•1996. Wymer, C.L., Fisher, D.D., Moore, R.C., Cyr, R.J. Elucidating the mechanism of cortical microtubule reorientation in plant cells. Cell Motil. Cytoskeleton 35: 162-173.

Contact Info:
327A Lappin Hall
Phone: (606) 783-2956

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