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Mitch Wilson

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Mitch Wilson
Academic Program: Bachelor of Arts/concentration in English Teaching
Classification: Senior


The Department of English at Morehead State University has proven to be a place where I have grown and learned as a reader and writer of literature and writing itself. The professors within the department are knowledgeable and through their classes (whether it be online or face-to-face) are a source from which I have expanded my content knowledge, skills and craft. Morehead State University's Department of English has been and is a wonderful source and place for student growth and learning.

The English Education Center is a valuable resource for those pursuing a career in the teaching of English in the high school and middle school settings. The resources and materials stored in the EEC have proven to be needed time and again whether they were used for in-class assignments, field experience activities, or student teaching activities. The EEC has also served as a gathering place for Tau Omega Epsilon and a place to build camaraderie with fellow students of English education.
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I can honestly say that the decision to attend college at Morehead State University was one of the greatest decisions of my life.

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