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  • Much more than a concert.

    School of Music, Theatre and Dance

  • Much more than an ensemble.

    School of Music, Theatre and Dance

  • Much more than a stage.

    School of Music, Theatre and Dance

  • Much more than a performance.

    School of Music, Theatre and Dance 

  • Much more than an ensemble.

    School of Music, Theatre and Dance


Photo - Prof. Ryan McGillicuddy 2015 thumbnail
Music Faculty, Jazz Studies / Bass "The short time I've been here at MSU has been an energizing experience.  The faculty, students, and community have a great connectedness, and have been very welcoming to me. I am excited to be working with such talented and hardworking students in a growing music program, and look forward to building my relationships with the students, faculty, and community."

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Who We Are

We are a community of musicians that includes teachers, performing artists, scholars, staff, and students, accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), and functioning as a Department of Music for Morehead State University, a comprehensive university serving the eastern region of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

What We Do

We offer quality higher education opportunities and professional musical training in a collegial environment of open educational inquiry and musical interaction. We continually pursue academic education, professional training and musical development, and applicable research within the musical arts in the belief that learning and performing are life-long processes. We are dedicated to serving as both an important musical and educational resource and as a positive role model for our community.

Where We Are Going

We commit to preparing ourselves for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, and to improving the quality of musical life for the community in which we live and work. We strive to protect, preserve, and teach the unique musical history and heritage of both our service region and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the established traditions and performing history in the musical arts that have been passed on to us.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Music is to offer a comprehensive range of baccalaureate and graduate programs consistent with the resources of the department and the personal and professional goals of the students. The Department of Music seeks to provide an environment in which students may interact with other students and faculty for the stimulation of intellectual and creative growth; to contribute to the quality of campus life through musical performances; to meet the cultural, educational, and social needs of the service region through musical performances, school visitations, workshops, and clinics; to develop in all students professional competencies as outlined in The National Standards for the Arts; and to offer the opportunity for elective experiences in music, both in performance and in academic classes, to all university students.

Goal 1

Excellence in Student Achievement in and outside the classroom; Enhance the effectiveness of all academic programs in promoting student achievement.

Goal 1 - Objective 1

Provide quality undergraduate and graduate academic learning experiences for all students:
    •    Provide a strong academic curriculum;
    •    Provide current instructional technologies for student learning and the required supporting materials
    •    Strengthen and maintain departmental instruction through the hiring of excellent, highly motivated, and diverse faculty with a commitment to teaching;
    •    Encourage an active system of faculty and student involvement through attendance at recitals/concerts and participation in ensembles;
    •    Strengthen student development by providing opportunities to attend conferences, off-campus performances, and clinics;
    •    Provide musical enrichment through ensemble performance, course offerings, and listening opportunities for all interested students.

Goal 1 - Objective 2

Achieve goals and objectives in Teacher Education Reform.
    •    Establish a Coordinator of Music Education position;
    •    Improve feedback opportunities for graduates of the Music Education program;
    •    Identify quality public school music programs and work to establish mutually beneficial ties with these schools;
    •    Provide resource opportunities for all music teachers within (and beyond) the service region through workshops, clinics, and enrichment activities.

Goal 1 - Objective 3

Increase international experiences for students and faculty.
    •    Encourage student and faculty international travel (when deemed appropriate and safe);
    •    Promote summer travel opportunities for students;
    •    Maintain annual study abroad trips for MSU students.

Goal 2

Provide excellent student support through performance and listening opportunities; Provide excellent student activities, recreational and leisure-time opportunities to support the whole-person development.

Goal 2 - Objective 1

Provide participation opportunities to all students regardless of major who wish to perform in large or small music ensembles.

Goal 2 - Objective 2

Provide quality musical performances for all students who wish to enrich their lives through concert attendance.

Goal 3

Enrollment growth and retention rates.

Goal 3 - Objective 1

Determine and implement strategies to position the University to meet enrollment and retention goals, to include:
    •    Increasing the quality of academic/musical preparation of each incoming class;
    •    Develop strategies for improving the quality of each incoming class;
    •    Examine the use of an audition as a criteria for acceptance into the music program.

Goal 3 - Objective 2

Determine and achieve enrollment and graduation goals for each academic program.
    •    Establish Departmental enrollment and graduation goals for each academic program.

Goal 3 - Objective 3

Achieve Department goals for enrollment and retention.
    •    Determine and implement strategies to position the University to meet enrollment and retention goals;
    •    Maintain a thorough, fair, and consistent system of evaluating, advising, and retaining music students.


Photo - Sydni Fecher
BA Theatre, Mt. Sterling, KY"I have loved theatre ever since I was eight years old. MSU's theatre program just felt like home to me. I view it as one big family. Everyone looks out for each other and we all have a blast doing what we love."

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