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MSU Home :: Library Prize FAQs

Library Prize Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do I have to be present at an awards ceremony to collect the prize money?
Yes, you must agree to all publicity in order to receive the prize money.  You will still win the award itself if you do not attend the ceremony, but you will not receive the prize money.

Must the faculty member who writes the Statement of Support be the same one for whose class the paper/project was completed?
No.  However, the faculty member who writes the Statement of Support must be willing to certify that he/she has read/viewed your project in its entirety, and believe it to be original work.

Does my project have to be completed, or can it be incomplete or in draft form?
Only complete projects will be considered for the award.

What types of projects will be accepted for consideration?
Papers, or other projects in any media, will be accepted, as long as a bibliography is present, and appropriate use of library-based resources can be demonstrated.

Who is eligible to receive the award?
Undergraduate students currently enrolled full-time at Morehead State University, or students who have graduated from MSU in the current academic year, are eligible. 

Are team projects eligible?
No.  Only individually-created projects will be considered.

Does my project have to include a bibliography?
All submissions, even in media other than paper, must include a bibliography.  Usage of library-based resources cannot be properly assessed without the presence of a bibliography. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact
Ray Bailey at 606-783-5106 or 

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