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  • Much more than a concert.

    Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

  • Much more than an ensemble.

    Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

  • Much more than a stage.

    Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

  • Much more than a performance.

    Department of Music, Theatre and Dance 

  • Much more than an ensemble.

    Department of Music, Theatre and Dance


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Music Faculty, Percussion "The percussion students at MSU are immersed in a diverse musical environment that includes both chamber and large ensembles, in traditional and world music settings. Our program prepares them to be relevant and successful in a career of music."

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Theatre and Dance Programs Mission Statement

Mission, Goals and Objectives

Who We Are

We are an academic program and an artistic and learning community composed of artists, scholars, teachers and students, that supports the mission and goals of the Department of Communication and Theatre, the Caudill College of Humanities and Morehead State University, a comprehensive university that serves the eastern region of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

What We Do

We offer unique educational opportunities and practical experiences designed to prepare the next generation of theatre artists and educators.  Additionally, we provide artistic instruction and aesthetic experiences for all students through the general education core.   We provide outstanding classroom instruction and comprehensive studio practice believing that the wealth of human knowledge is expressed in world drama and the theatrical process.  We provide opportunities to study theatre in conjunction with other disciplines so that students are acquainted with the complexities of human knowledge and they develop the intellectual skills to address the emerging problems, issues and concerns of a diverse and vibrant society.  We believe that arts education is essential to understand the emerging world of the 21st century.  The knowledge and experience gained from participating in and viewing theatre productions fosters the acquisition of a new perspective on the social, cultural and historical tradition of the world.  Moreover the knowledge and skills acquired through coursework and production work teaches students creative ways to address the challenges of daily life.   We are dedicated to cultivating an open, creative environment that teaches the respect of the individual as human and artist, facilitates the understanding of other cultures and exults the values inherent in collaborative achievement.    The Theatre program provides artistic and educational experiences that enhance the cultural lives of the community, the region and the Commonwealth.

Where We Are Going

We are dedicated the missions of the Department, the College, the University and we continually prepare ourselves to meet the diverse challenges and abundant opportunities of the 21st century.  We remain committed to enhancing the quality of life for our community and serving as a quality artistic venue for our service region and the Commonwealth.  

To accomplish our mission, now and in the future the Theatre Program:

1.    Provides students, faculty and audiences with a challenging academic environment that promotes risk-taking and facilitates and examination of human values, cultural diversity and social issues;

2.    Produce plays and theatrical events of high quality, various style and genre to promote an understanding of aesthetic and broaden artistic tastes;

3.    Teach the importance of high standards of personal and professional integrity;

4.    Educate students in the major components, general practices, and opportunities found in theatre;

5.    Deliver a curriculum that provides students with a working knowledge of acting techniques, design processes and directing skills along with a fundamental knowledge of theatre history, dramatic theory and literature;

6.    Support and maintain an active production program where students have the opportunity to learn and develop theatrical skills and participate in wide spectrum of world drama;  

7.    Assist students in the development of a foundation for a career as a theatre professional, graduate student, theatre educator or a professional in an allied field;

8.    Contribute to the education of all students by providing quality instruction and artistic experience in the University's General Education curriculum.  


Olivia Scholl - Thumbnail
Music Education Major, Waddy, KY "Morehead State is like a second home to me. The people are friendly and welcoming.  The teachers are great at helping you when you're in need and they know their stuff! The program is one of the best in the state but they don't flaunt it, they own it and keep working hard and I love that!"

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