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    Department of Communication, Media and Languages

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The French minor is ideal for students interested in the contemporary world. French is spoken on five continents, and as a second language everywhere. We provide rigorous training in the language and culture, supplemented by several exciting overseas study opportunities.  A French major is a good complement to a degree in Business, Humanities, and Arts Administration, and it is a definite asset on the job market.  View our department's website at .


We want students to progress as rapidly as possible in their chosen language. Please do not sign up for FRN 101 or SPA 101 if you have studied the language for years in high school, or lived overseas. Instead, take our free online placement test. After reading the information below, click on the Testing Center link and you can begin the test. If you feel you need to talk with someone before taking the exam, you can contact Dr. Philip Krummrich at 606-783-2582 or

On the basis of the placement test results and/or the conversation with Dr. Krummrich, we will recommend the right class for you. The chart below gives you an idea based on your score what class we might recommend. If you begin in a class above the first-semester level-for example, if you begin in FRN or SPA 201-we will give you credit for the classes you have skipped as soon as you pass the class you take. Thus, if you take and pass FRN 201, you will receive nine hours of credit for FRN 101, 102, and 201, and be well on your way to a major or minor. You will also have moved forward in the language, instead of wasting your time repeating material you already know.

There are two additional ways of earning credit for classes in French or Spanish without taking the classes. They are:

1. Take the CLEP examination, available in the Testing Center.
2. Present evidence to the Testing Center, GH 501, of a satisfactory score on the AP examination.

Students can take the Placement Tests at any time. For instructions on how to access the examination site:

• Go to the following site: Testing Center.
• Put in this user ID: morehead user (all lower case)
• Put in this password: eagles1 (all lower case)

The student's score will automatically be sent to MSU and to the e-mail address the student enters at the test site within a few minutes of completing the exam.


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B.A. in French
B.A. in French Education 
A background in French opens up many opportunities in all sorts of careers, and is especially useful for government work, international business, translating and interpreting, teaching and tourism.

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Primary Phone 606-783-2582
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E-mail: Dr. Philip Krummrich, Chair


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