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Strategic Communication

Program Info
The Department of Communication, Media & Leadership Studies area in Strategic Communication prepares students for professional, business, and educational careers in public relations, promotions, event planning, social media content development, communication consultation, and leadership studies.


Bachelor of Arts – Area in Strategic Communication

Bachelor of Arts - Area in Strategic Communication

The  Bachelor of Arts - Area in Strategic Communication is ideal for students with multiple interests.  Career options include:

  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Public Service / Government
  • Social Media Director / Designer
  • Human Resources
  • Politics / Political Campaigns
  • Organizational Communication
  • Training / Education
  • Corporate Communication
  • Health Communication
  • Non-Profit or Corporate Communication


Admissions General Requirements  


Department Requirements
Students pursuing a B.A. area in Strategic Communication must successfully complete 24 hours of Area requirements and 24 hours of approved Departmental Electives.   Students who successfully complete 48 hours in the major, 36 hours of general education course, and 36 hours of general electives will have the 120 hours required for graduation.

Bachelor of Arts - Area in Strategic Communication

Note: The Bachelor of Arts - Area in Strategic Communication is currently pending CPE approval.

Program Competencies

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking when developing and responding to strategic messages.
  2. Apply key concepts and theories of strategic communication.
  3. Demonstrate mastery of written, oral, visual and mediated strategic communication.
  4. Identify and apply concepts of ethical strategic communication.
  5. Demonstrate strategic communication skills needed for responsible team leadership and participation.
  6. Demonstrate abilities to treat conflict creatively through mediation and negotiation.

Assessment Procedures

Senior Project in Capstone Course

Program Requirements

General Education

COMS 499C — Senior Seminar in Communication


General Education Total


Refer to the General Education section for a complete listing of general education requirements for the University.

Area Requirements

COMS 100 — Introduction to Strategic Communication


COMS 110 — Strategic Messaging


COMS 200 — Strategic Communication Research


COMS 250 — Introduction to Intercultural Communication*


COMS 290 — Conflict and Communication*


COMS 300 — Strategic Organizational Leadership


COMS 330 — Argumentation and Persuasion


COMS 277 — Professional Practices


COMS 347 or COMS 447 — Internship+


Total Area Requirements


Elective Requirements

Skills and Experience (Choose three courses for nine-hours)


COMS 310 — Professional Presentations and Speech Writing

COMS 340 — Event Planning and Public Relations

COMS 383 — Facilitating Team Communication

COMS 400 — Interviewing

CVM 201 — Media Writing


Critical Thinking (Choose two courses for six-hours)


COMS 350 — Communication, Culture and Diversity

COMS 420 — Analysis of Persuasion

CVM 464 — Public Opinion and the Media

CVM 492 — Media Law and Ethics


Public Relations (Choose three courses for nine-hours)


COMS 333 — Social Media and Community

COMS 370 — Communication and Health

COMS 382 — Public Relations Principles

COMS 405 — Communication Issue Management

COMS 482 — Public Relations Campaigns


*These courses are options to meet the distribution requirements in general education; however, "double dipping" is not allowed. Students will need to select a course other than COMS 290 for HUM II and COMS 250 for SBS I in general education.

+Experiential learning is required in the core. No more than two-credit hours for internship experiences can count towards the 48-credits required for the area. Additional internship credit will count towards general electives.

Components of Degree Requirements

General Education


Area Requirements




General Electives


Total Program Requirements


Department of Communication, Media, & Leadership Studies
111A Breckinridge Hall
Morehead, KY 40351

Primary Phone: 606-783-2134



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