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jpg: Jim Fogle

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Jim Fogle
Year(s): 1975
Hometown: Louisville, KY


"Glenna Campbell made me believe that I could write the next great American novel. Mohammad Sabie showed me that I really did have the courage to throw my body into a forward somersault on the trampoline, simply to 'shoot for A.' George Young shared his love and respect for the Commonwealth; I still think of him thirty years later when I have to abbreviate Kentucky. Dr. Huang saw something special that made him go out of his way to help me get into law school.  Dr. Doran exercised strict authority during the turmoil of the Civil Rights Movement and the war in Viet Nam, and kept us all safe. The educators who taught me how to speak in front of a group, gave me a basic understanding of accounting, introduced me to the incredible world of psychology, and fed my fascination with history, all provided me with the basic skills I have used every day of my life. Morehead is my hometown, and MSU is my University."  

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