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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International and Legal Studies

Dept. of History, Philosophy, International & Legal Studies
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Appalachian Studies Minor

Program Info
The Appalachian studies program offers students diverse opportunities for academic study, service learning, participatory research, community outreach, and advocacy related to the Appalachian region. View our department's website at




Appalachian Studies Minor

Non profit and government agencies that serve the region, public policy analysis and development, law, the arts, environmental research, archives and historic preservation, museums, community organizing and development, teaching in a range of disciplines.

Program Requirements: Appalachian Studies Core:

APS 201 – Introduction to Appalachian Studies (3)

Five of the following for a total of fifteen (15) credit hours:

ART 468 – Appalachian Arts (3)
ENG 360 – Appalachian Literature (3)
GEO 341 – Appalachia (3)
HIS 322 – History of Appalachia (3)
MUSH 261 – Folk and Country Music Listening (3)
SOC 459 – Appalachian Culture (3)

Two three-hour electives for a total of six (6) hours from the following (may include courses not already selected above):

AGR 319 – Herbs (3)
BIOL 318 – Local Flora (3)
ENG 394 – Language and Society
HIS 323 - History of Kentucky
GEO 345 – Environmental Geography (3)
GOVT 344 – Kentucky Government (3)
MUST 103-001 Practical Theory for the Traditional Musician (2)
(May be combined with Private Instruction or Ensemble classes offered for one hour of credit by KCTM for a total of 3 credit hours)
RAPP 201 – Intro to Regional Analysis (3)
RAPP 202 – Basic Computer Tech in Regional Analysis (3)
RAPP 289 - Regional Natural History

Total of 24 Hours


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E-mail: Dr. Philip Krummrich, Chair
E-mail: Dr. Joy Gritton, Coordinator

Mark Haynes
 "As time has gone on, I am ever more convinced that the grounding I received in philosophy has been the single most important element of my schooling. It has helped me to be a more critical examiner of all of the multi-leveled and often cynically conceived stuff that comes my way in Washington; it has helped me to maintain my moral compass; it has helped to give me a perspective and a sense of humor that might not otherwise be there."

--Mark Haynes, President, Concordia Power

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