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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International Studies and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International Studies and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International Studies and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International Studies and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International Studies and Legal Studies

Dept. of History, Philosophy, International Studies & Legal Studies
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Social Science, Master of Arts

Program Info

In Fall 2011, MSU inaugurated the Master of Arts in the Social Sciences degree program as a new interdisciplinary graduate program. Located in the Department of Interdisciplinary and International Studies, the Masters in Social Sciences program provides an innovative approach to graduate education in the social sciences. Students can either complete the program completely online or combine online classes and classes on the MSU campus. The MA in Social Program offers 6 hours of classes on campus to meet requirements for international students. There are also thesis and non-thesis options and evening classes for students with full-time jobs.

Completing the Masters in Social Sciences program helps students develop advanced skills in social science research and prepares students for career advancement in the teaching field, law school and Ph.D. programs, community college teaching, and work with non-profits and NGO’s. Graduate assistantships are available for highly qualified students.

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Masters in Social Science


Masters in Social Science Career Opportunities

Help social studies teachers qualify for Rank I status   Help students further qualify for law school or Ph.D. programs in their fields of choice   Non-Government Organizations   Social Activist Organizations   Provide further qualification for professional advancement in other fields  


Admissions Requirements:

a. General admission to graduate study and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5.
b. An undergraduate major or minor in Geography, Government or Political Science, History, Social Studies Teaching, Sociology, Paralegal Studies, Women’s Studies, Psychology, Literary Studies, Anthropology, Economics, International Studies or allied discipline. Applicants are required to submit official undergraduate transcripts showing relevant coursework and grades received.
c. Admissions index of at least 781, where the index is calculated by multiplying composite GRE score by undergraduate GPA. Alternatively, a minimum LSAT score of 140 will be accepted.
d. Two letters of recommendation are required, and at least one should be from a professional familiar with the applicant’s academic ability. Also, applicants must submit a one-page (single-spaced) statement outlining their career goals and objectives as they relate to the program.
e. Full-time students (9 or 12 hours per semester) are eligible for funding through graduate assistantships, scholarships, or fellowships allocated through the Department of International and Interdisciplinary Studies and the Caudill College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Prospective students wishing to be considered for funding should indicate this in writing as part of their application packet.
f. Upon discretion of the admissions committee, conditional admission may be granted to applicants with otherwise strong credentials whose undergraduate GRE/LSAT scores are slightly below regular admission requirements for the program. Students are eligible for full admission if they achieve a 3.25 GPA after 12 hours of coursework in the program. General admission to graduate study is still required in any case of provisional admission to the program.
g. International students must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A score of 525 is required for program admission. International students are required by INS regulations to be enrolled in a minimum of six hours of on-campus classroom courses each semester.                                        h. Application materials must be submitted by July 24 for Fall semester admission, November 23 for Spring semester admission,, and April 23 for Summer semester admission.                                 





Program Requirements.

A. Completion of Required Core (18 hours)
ISS 604--Interdisciplinary Social Science
ISS 650--Social Thought and Theory
ISS 617--Globalization 
ISS 633--Special Topics in Regional Studies I
ISS 651--Gender 
ISS 652==Race 

B. Completion of one of the following two options (15 hours)
Non-Thesis Option:
• 15 hours approved Social Science Electives
• Pass written and oral Exit Exam

Thesis Option:
• At least 3 hours of approved research methods, to be completed prior to registering for thesis credits. Some projects may require foreign language proficiency (taking additional credits in an appropriate foreign language, or passing a language proficiency exam. Courses that will be accepted for research methods credit include: :
o Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences SOC 655
o Sociological Research SOC 615
o Spatial Analysis RAPP 611
• 6 hours Social Science Electives. Courses that focus on reviewing basic concepts and pedagogy (like GEO 680, Geography for Teachers, or HIS 680, History for Teachers) will not be accepted for elective credit.
• 6 hours of Thesis research (ISS 699a and 699b, IGEO 699a and 699b, IHIS 699a and 699b)
• Successful defense of thesis

Total Program Hours: 33




150 University Blvd.
209 Elizabeth Avenue, Honors House
Morehead State University
Morehead, KY 40351


Primary Phone: 606-783-2582
Secondary Phone: 606-783-2144

E-mail: Dr. Philip Krummrich, Department Chair
E-mail: Dr. Ric Caric, Coordinator

“The history program at MSU is analytical and has given me the writing skills and tools I need to be competitive for internships and graduate school. Faculty members have always been supportive and have motivated me to expand my knowledge and experience. This summer I will be interning at the Alice Paul Institute outside of Philadelphia, where I will be working in archival studies along side authors and collaborating with curators across the state.  I am thankful the history program at MSU has prepared me for such opportunities.”

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