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Message from the Designer

Corie Caudill

When thinking of designs for Mister E of Imagination: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe I wanted to focus on the overall feeling of the play; which is quite dark. While at the same time keep some of the classic period of which Poe is associated with. I chose a black and white palate to accomplish this and then found pieces in each costume to add red. This was for a bold splash of an accent color and served as symbolism for the tales of death and love that Poe wrote in his lifetime. 

Coming from more scenic work and painting, it was interesting going into my first costume design and beginning a whole new process of idea developing. I learned so much with the help of my professors that I will take with me and apply to other designs that I hope to do in the future!

BIO:  Corie Caudill is senior Theatre Major with a minor in Visual Art. Corie has been involved with several productions at Morehead State University and is currently in charge of the paint department. Corie plans to graduate in May and will pursue her love for the arts in theatrical design and productions. 


Cast and Crew Spotlight

Hannah Lutz - Thumbnail
Theatre Major / Dance Minor, Ashland, KY“Deciding to come to MSU four years ago was the best decision I could ever make for my college education. In and out of class I have grown tremendously, especially as a dancer. It has been a dream to gain knowledge in my classes, Dance Ensemble and even through my dance honors fraternity, Delta Chi Xi. I know when I leave this University I will be ready to take the world by storm as a dancer and actress thanks to my professors and mentors who have taught and guided me throughout the years.”

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