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Dr. Stephen J. Lange
School of Public Affairs 
Associate Professor of Government
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The Institute for Regional Analysis & Public Policy, MSU's Program of Distinction, offers an emphasis of 18 hours in regional analysis combined with the government major.

Program Competencies

Students are expected to possess:

  • The ability to exhibit knowledge of political conditions within the United States, including the working of formal and informal institutions and the role of conflict, special interest, power, and inequities in the policy making process.
  • An understanding of the political systems in other countries, the relations between countries, and the functioning of international institutions. This is the basis for comparative study and evaluation of the United States political system.
  • The ability to analyze the impact of government policies on social and economic conditions in the United States and other countries.
  • The ability to recognize and value the varied nature of the human condition across individuals and culture groups through the practice of political analysis.
  • The ability to use methods of political investigation, to conduct original studies, and to present findings from those investigations in written and oral formats.
  • The ability to carry out studies in their area of expertise that include a significant analysis of regional resources and issues.
  • The ability to present research and policy reports that are comprehensible to audiences of various public policymakers.
  • The ability to interpret the output of regional resource analyses and their potential use in formulating public policymakers.

Assessment Procedures

Capstone course

General Education Requirements

GOVT 230 — Introduction to Comparative Politics (HUM2) - 3
GOVT 499C — Senior Seminar - 3
General Education Requirements - 36

Refer to the general education requirements for a complete listing for the University.

Program Requirements (Government Major - Regional Analysis Emphasis)

Required Introductory Courses - 12

GOVT 141 — United States Government - 3
GOVT 180 — Introduction to Political Theory - 3
GOVT 230 — Introduction to Comparative Politics - 3
GOVT 289 — Methods of Political Inquiry - 3

Group I Electives

Select three from the following:

GOVT 344 — Kentucky Government - 3
GOVT 347 — American Public Policy - 3
GOVT 351 — Public Administration - 3
GOVT 364 — International Relations - 3
GOVT 242 — State and Local Government - 3
GOVT 329 — North American Politics: United States and Canada - 3

Group II Free Electives

Any GOVT electives including courses not selected in group I.

Regional Analysis Courses - 18

RAPP 201 — Society, Nature, & Development - 3
RAPP 202 — Basic Computer Tech in Reg Analysis - 3
RAPP 300 — Seminar in Regional Issues I - 3
RAPP 350 — Practicing Regional Analysis I - 3
RAPP 450 — Practicing Regional Analysis II - 3
RAPP 490 — Seminar in Regional Issues II - 3

General Electives - 45
Degree Requirements Total - 120

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