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MSU Home :: DIVERSITY :: Meeting Minutes Feb. 1, 2012
President's Diversity council Meeting 2/1/12

Diversity Plan
*Kevin stated that questions are somewhat leading
*Council would like to see the current survey
*It was stated the survey should state the purpose/what is hoping to be accomplished
*Jamie mentioned look at Diversity Plan and base questions off of that

Sign Language Course
*Kevin mentioned having sign language classes. Stated it deals with inclusion.
*Evangeline stated in our area we have one licensed sign language interpreter
*Dr. Abell stated that Continuing Ed use to offer sign language courses
*Jamie mentioned possibly having a Graduate Assistant serve as an interpreter

*SEEDS will have their first fundraiser in April title “Dancing with the Faculty”. Students will be paired with faculty/staff members

Math, Computer, Science and Physics
*Meetings will be held Wednesdays at 6 p.m. on Friday 1 weeks
*Provides information to students about internships

Other info
*Dr. Abell is working with Dr. Fitzpatrick on a production to be submitted to KET
*Dr. Abell is still promoting a digital signage for the bell tower
*Kevin gathered data on students that come into ADUC between 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (1700 students)
*Jamie mentioned Rowan County Recreational Center is working on establishing a youth baseball league (grades 6-8)
*Jamie mentioned that Volleyball team will hold clinics in Wetherby Gym

    Ahmadi 4
     “Any time is a great time to study abroad and the programs are not expensive. I had the misconception that I should wait until my junior or senior year.”

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