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MSU Home :: Academics :: History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies :: Womens Studies - Judy Rogers Art-Media-Writing Contest


Every year the Women's Studies Program sponsors the "Judy Rogers' Art/Media/Writing Contest".  Successful submissions will provide issues in general, and women's issues in particular, within the context of American culture and/or the world at large.  The artist/author must strive to offer original insights and/or novel approaches to problems in women's studies.  This contest is held every spring and  is currently only open to enrolled Morehead State University students. Prizes are awarded in four different categories:  prose, poetry, visual art, and performance/video art.  For further information about this year's contest, contact Ann Andaloro at


Poetry Winner

 Gender’s Definition 
Chris Turner 
Gender is and has always been a powerful status one possesses,
However the power of two genders has weakened due to our ignorance that follows our human species,
We act as if power and superiority are the things which define life,
However true power is found in equality when multiple entities become one,
Our ignorance has placed upon us a mask which only allows us to see a façade of petty gender stereotypes,
Gender is not a line which must divide us and shackle our hope of a prosperous future,
Gender is a difference through which two sides may learn and exhibit life through multiple ways to learn more,
Gender is meant to show life’s diversity and how there is not a set answer to anything in life,
Instead we must look to gender as a compass which will guide our minds across the endless seas of choices and morals in life,
Gender should not be one sided in benefits or attention but should be give and take,
We must work to strengthen one’s weakness as they do for us and us as one instead of two,
Gender is a term which we give too much power when,
The definition of gender we give is a huge difference in two things,
The true definition should be a combination which will benefit all who realize it,
Gender is a fluctuating battle of jokes and stereotypes which must end for neither side is good without the other,
Gender is a powerful tool which we can use but our ignorance is hindering our true potential.


 How New Cultural Trends Confront the Sexism of Gendered Artifacts 
      by Journey McAndrews 
        (Click the link above to read the Prose.)


 Rachel Penniman's art 
by Rachel Penniman
I submitted my piece for this contest because I believe it has something to say about the very core of women, whether they know it or not there lies the tender love and affection that only a woman can provide. At first you could think of this pear as something venerable and something that gets easily bruised. Even though both things a woman can feel it does not define her, I want to bring more than those things to your attention. 



“The history program at MSU is analytical and has given me the writing skills and tools I need to be competitive for internships and graduate school. Faculty members have always been supportive and have motivated me to expand my knowledge and experience. This summer I will be interning at the Alice Paul Institute outside of Philadelphia, where I will be working in archival studies along side authors and collaborating with curators across the state.  I am thankful the history program at MSU has prepared me for such opportunities.”

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