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  • Much more than a classroom

    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International and Legal Studies

  • Much more than the past.

    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International and Legal Studies

  • Much more opportunity

    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International and Legal Studies

  • Much more analysis.

    Dept. of History, Philosophy, International and Legal Studies

Dept. of History, Philosophy, International & Legal Studies
Dr. Scott Davison, Department Chair
Heather McGuire,
Academic Departmental Specialist
354 Rader Hall
Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: 606-783-2655
Fax: 606-783-5096

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 Current Women's Studies Faculty

Ann Andaloro, Director of Women's Studies and Associate Professor of Mass Communications
Ritta Abell, Assistant Professor of Speech
Bernadette Barton, Associate Professor of Sociology
Lee Skallerup Bessette, Instructor of English
Jennifer Birriel, Associate Professor of Physical Sciences
Robin Blankenship, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ric Caric, Professor of Government
Scott Davison, Professor of Philosophy
Martha (Mattie) Decker, Associate Professor of Education
Bruce Engle, Instructor of English
Cynthia (Cindy) Faulkner, Associate Professor of Social Work
Jody Fernandez, Assistant Professor of Education
Constance (Connie) Hardesty, Associate Professor of Sociology
Janelle Hare, Associate Professor of Biology
Timothy Hare, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Sylvia Henneberg, Associate Professor of English
Sandra Riegle, Assistant Professor of Education
Karen Taylor, Associate Professor of French
Ilsun White, Professor of Psychology
Brenda Wilburn, Director, Counseling & Health Services
Crystal Wilkinson, Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Kris DuRocher Wilson, Associate Professor of History

Mark Haynes
 "As time has gone on, I am ever more convinced that the grounding I received in philosophy has been the single most important element of my schooling. It has helped me to be a more critical examiner of all of the multi-leveled and often cynically conceived stuff that comes my way in Washington; it has helped me to maintain my moral compass; it has helped to give me a perspective and a sense of humor that might not otherwise be there."

--Mark Haynes, President, Concordia Power

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